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Why Choose a Jamie Oliver Dome 60 or Dome 80 Pizza Oven? | The Pizza Oven Store

Why Choose a Jamie Oliver Dome 60 or Dome 80 Pizza Oven?

Why a Jamie Oliver Oven?
The Jamie Oliver Ovens are awesome ovens. Really.  So lets clear the elephant in the room. Do not think that the celebrity name association is to overshadow the ovens.  These fantastic ovens would be awesome with or without the Jamie Oliver branding and name.  The Jamie Oliver oven range of ovens are our go-to pre-fabricated traditional style pizza oven here at The Pizza Oven Store.  
But why choose a Jamie Oliver Oven? All the benefits of a traditional pizza oven, i.e. full refractory cement dome and base and insulated but where the oven excels over traditional pizza ovens is that it has a 'sand cement look' fibre-glass shell which is maintenance free, i.e. reduces the chances of cracking like in a traditional oven.  Plus the ovens just look great. 
What is great is the oven comes pre-fabricated with only the stand that is required to build and the oven to be lifted.  The lifting part of the installation will require 4 people to lift the oven onto the stand as the oven weights approximately 170kg, around 43kg per corner of the oven.  Our advice is to muster up a group of people who can be bribed by a pizza or two and a few cold ones!  You shouldn't have too much issue finding them in our experience.
Did we mention that the Jamie Oliver ovens only take 45 mins to 1hr 15mins to get to pizza cooking temperatures!  This is half of the time that traditional ovens take to heat up.
An added benefit to the Jamie Oliver Ovens is you can paint it to whichever colour you please, providing you use heat proof paint (available at Bunnings or other paint supply outlets).
So what can you cook in a Jamie Oliver Oven?
The Jamie Oliver Dome 80 can cook 2 large pizzas at a time and can accommodate 2/3 large baking trays or 3 small/medium sizes, ample for cooking roast dinners for the family.  The Jamie Oliver Dome 60 can cook one large pizza at a time, which is perfectly fine for pizzas at home as in most cases pizzas cook in 60-90 seconds.  In theory, you can cook 4-6 pizzas in under 10 minutes which is normally perfect.  The main issue will be making the pizzas quick enough! 
Why you would choose the Jamie Oliver Dome 60?
The Jamie Oliver Dome 60 is the smaller of the two ovens, with an internal diameter size of 60 cm.  Perfect for one pizza at a time and cooking a wide variety of foods including meats, fish, veggies and bread.  The size is smaller than the Dome 80, so you won't get quite as much in and at times you may feel limited of space if you have aspirations of a large friend and family banquets.  If the intention is for cooking for 1-4 people most often then the Dome 60 is perfect.  
With the size being smaller, at 87cm wide by 94.5cm deep, the oven has advantages for fitting into places where space may be limited or the access path has width restrictions. Always check the doorway widths of the pathway of travel for installation as most standard doorways are 900mm so make sure you measure each doorway or gate.  
the Jamie Oliver Dome 80 has external dimensions of 101cm width and 114cm depth - wider than most standard doorways so if you intend taking through the house please check these dimensions. 
If you don't intend in catering for larger parties of people, have access restrictions and don't have the space for the Dome 80 then the Jamie Oliver Dome 60 will be perfect plus a saving of approx $700 than the larger Dome 80. 
Why Choose the Jamie Oliver Dome 80?
Dome 80 is a perfect size for most occasions at home with no compromise.  Other ovens available which are bigger, such as 100cm DIY kit ovens are a nice to have but with a bigger oven you use more fuel and heat up times become longer - plus you have to build the DIY Kits oven something which competent DIY'ers should have no problem with. 
The Jamie Oliver Dome 80 size is a nice happy medium between efficient heat up times, fuel use and spacial requirements.  With that, you also get to cook 2 pizzas at a time which can get you to cooking for 10 or more people more efficiently - providing you have the pizza makers working merrily and efficiently in the background!
Summary of the Dome 60 and Dome 80
Choose the Jamie Oliver Dome 60 for:
  • Cooking 1 pizza at a time (60-90 seconds cooking)
  • Cooking of meat, fish, veggies, bread - limited to one baking tray at a time.
  • Limited access through doorways  
  • Smaller Spacial limitations  
  • All for a total of $3,100.
  • See the Jamie Oliver Dome 60
Choose the Jamie Oliver Dome 80 for:
  • Cooking 2 pizzas at a time (60-90 seconds cooking)
  • Cooking of meat, fish, veggies, bread - 2-3 baking trays at a time - perfect for family roasts.
  • Large enough for cooking for large family and friend gatherings and pizza parties at home. 
  • See the Jamie Oliver Dome 80 
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