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Carawela Wood Fired Ovens

Carawela wood-fired pizza ovens are passionately designed and manufactured in Braga, a small town just outside of Porto in the north of Portugal. Carawela wood-fired pizza ovens were started by two Brothers-in-law who both shared a passion for cooking pizza, design and pride in Portuguese manufacturing.   

The given name, Carawela, is a hat-off to when Portugal led maritime exploration back in the 15th century.  The Carawela was a small, highly manoeuvrable sailing ship developed by the Portuguese which was a revolution in sailing. The Carawela's economy, speed, agility, and power made it esteemed as the best sailing vessel of its time. 

Today, the Carawela lives on in the form of beautifully crafted wood-fired pizza ovens with the same characteristics as its predecessor sailing ships.  Extremely good value, fast heat-up, lightweight, portable and efficient in fuel use.  If that wasn't enough Carawela wood-fired ovens are a thing of beauty which would make any entertaining area the envy of your family, friends and neighbours. 

Coming Soon to Australia - expected delivery late July 2018 / Early August 2018