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Ooni Pro | Portable Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven - with Free Shipping

by Ooni

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With the Ooni Pro Wood-Fired Pizza Oven you get the world's most versatile outdoor tri-fueled* oven, plus a few of our favourite accessories to help get you up and running! The Ooni Pro Wood-Fired Pizza Oven includes:

The Ooni Pro is the first outdoor oven which will be tri-fuel.  What does tri Fuel this mean? Basically, the oven can be heated using wood, charcoal, and gas*. Does it get any better? 

*Ooni Pro 16 Gas burner sold separately

Features Of The Ooni Pro

  • Fast & Extreme 500°C heat

    Just like all Ooni ovens, the Ooni Pro is capable to reach temperatures of 500°C / 932°F in just 20 minutes.  Due to this heat, the Ooni Pro cooks authentic, restaurant-quality pizzas in 60 seconds, up to 16-inches in size.

  • Multi-fuel Capabilities, Allowing Users The Option to Burn Wood, Charcoal and Gas.

    With the Ooni Pro comes the ability to cook with wood, charcoal and gas* which is great for being able to cook huge varieties of food.  The multi-fuel element of the Ooni Pro now provides so much scope to experiment with temperature and smoke. 

  • Large Cooking Surface

    Now cook up to 40cm / 16" pizzas, or large roast dishes, including meats, vegetables, fish or even just bake some artisan bread.  The options to cooking with the Ooni Pro are now endless. 

  • Comes Complete With Wood + Charcoal Burner as Standard

    The Pro can burn regular wood kindling as well as charcoal. What's great about using charcoal is it's able to provide a stable temperature and then prior to a pizza going in, just throw on a few bits of wood to really give that extra oomph and flavour.

  • Now Has Two Doors Included   

    The 'Ooni Pro Door with Thermometer' helps you to check out the oven's temperature at a glance. But better still, the Ooni Pro also includes our patent-pending 'Ooni Pro Pizza Door' a door which has a 'letterbox' opening to slide pizzas in and out easily. It's fully removable too so it's easy to put in a large piece of meat or bread. This is the only door to use with the Gas Burner.

  • Ultimate Portability

    True to their roots Ooni has kept the Pro transportable at 26kg / 57lbs.  This allows the oven to be moved from tabletop to garage each use or loaded into the car to go camping, down the beach or a mates place.


    Introducing The Ooni Pro 


    Ooni Pro: Assembly


    Ooni Pro – Cooking with charcoal & kindling 

     Ooni Pro – Wood-Fired Calzone


    Available add-ons

    Also Available As Accessories


    Technical Features

    • Dimensions: 29.13"/740mm (L), 19.29"/490mm (W), 31.1"/790mm (H)

    • Cooking surface: 17.7" by 17.7" (450mm by 450mm)

    • Internal cooking area total height 185mm 

    • Made of 430 stainless steel

    • Ceramic fibre insulated

    • Dual airflow control

    • Security loop - the ability to secure your Pro to your garden furniture

    • 15mm cordierite stone for high heat retention


    Resources & Guides

     * Gas Burner sold separately


    Note: Stainless steel may change colour after exposure to extreme temperatures but this will not affect the way that Ooni Pro performs.


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