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Ooni Fyra | Portable Outdoor Wood Pellet Pizza Oven - Protect & Serve Bundle

by Ooni

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What's included in the Ooni Fyra Protect & Serve Bundle

Ooni's Fyra pizza oven is a wood pellet absolute machine of a pizza oven.  The Ooni Fyra is the successor of the bestselling, highly rated, incredible Ooni 3 pizza oven.  Yes, the Ooni Fyra is here. New and even better than before!

Why the Ooni Fyra?

  • Superfast heat-up time of 15 minutes to 500 degrees Celcius.
  • It goes without saying with Ooni pizza ovens reach 500 degrees Celcius, cooking Neapolitan style pizza in just 60 seconds.  Yes, that quick.  Don't forget to turn/rotate the pizza after 20-25 seconds!
  • The Ooni Fyra get at least 20 minutes of burn time between hopper refills.  Enough time to cook 10 pizzas (once heated to 500 degrees Celcius) without refilling with more pellets.  That is epic.
  • Super lightweight (10kg) and portable which means you can literally pick up the Ooni Fyra and take it anywhere you want - camping, mates, beach, park - you name it.
  • Wood pellets mean that you never have to cut up logs of wood for the fire.  Just pour the pellets into the hopper, light and away you go.  Pellets are also super portable in containers. No more carrying logs of wood in the boot of your car and making a mess.

As with all Ooni ovens, they are designed for ease of use. Fast heat-up times it's a given with the Ooni Fyra with it reaching 500 degrees Celcius in less than 15 minutes.

Key Features

  • Ultra-Efficient - designed for maximum heat retention and minimal energy waste.
  • Effortless - Taller hopper holds more fuel for a long burn, so you can focus on the food.
  • World-renowned - Ooni Fyra is the successor to Ooni 3 with many performance improvements. 
  • Ultra-Portable - weighs only 10kg (22lbs).
Being a true portable pizza oven, the Ooni Fyra weighs just 10kg which not only makes it as perfect for camping as it were for at home, it's Ooni's most lightweight pizza oven yet. 
The Ooni Fyra cover and carry case sold separately protects the oven at home and makes transporting and packing into the car a delight. 
The Ooni Fyra is a wood pellet only oven (not compatible with the addition of the Ooni Gas Burner).   

The Ooni Fyra is made with a carbonised steel body which is ceramic fibre-insulated.  Ooni has included an extra-thick Ooni Baking Stone and a patented flame keeper for maximum heat retention.
Below is a video with the CEO and Founder of Ooni, Kristian Tapaninaho demonstrating, rather well too, how the oven will last way beyond 20 minutes. 

What's in the box

  • Ooni Fyra pizza oven
  • Stone baking board
  • Ooni Fyra manual and Essential guide with tips and recipes

Ooni Fyra Over Dimensions and Blueprint here


OONI FYRA 12 OVEN ONLY is also available! 


Ask a Question
  • Hi, I am looking to purchase a portable pizza oven as a birthday gift for my husband. I am leaning towards the wood-fired over and would like to understand the pros/cons between the 12" and 16" please? thanks Katrina

    Hey Katrina, the Ooni Fyra 12 is fired by wood pellets only, and only comes in a 12" version.

    When you say wood-fired and has 12" and 16" options, you might be referring to the Ooni Karu and Ooni Pro? 
    If yes, then I'd say it performs the same :)
    There's just more cooking space with the Ooni Pro, which makes it more comfortable to launch and to turn pizzas in.  You could also do slow-roast, bake loaves of bread, and roast vegetables (as long as you use the proper cast iron pans/dishes for these). 
    The Ooni Karu 12 is just smaller, which means it's easier to carry and pack away.

    Hope this clarifies it! If not, feel free to reach out for other questions at or 1300 760 753.