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Argheri Forzo Oven Warranty

Argheri are committed to delivering excellence not only through their premier pizza ovens but also through their unparalleled customer support. The Forzo ovens, renowned for their versatility in both wood fired and gas pizza ovens, embody innovation and craftsmanship suitable for any pizza oven enthusiast in Sydney and across Australia.

Warranty Coverage:

Argheri's Forzo ovens come with a robust 2-year warranty covering the structural integrity of the oven. This guarantees that your oven will not collapse, cave in, or fail due to craftsmanship. This warranty applies to both our celebrated wood fire pizza ovens in Australia and our efficient gas pizza ovens, ensuring your peace of mind whether you choose gas, wood, or our hybrid pizza ovens.


  • The warranty is valid only if the oven is installed and operated according to the instructions provided, ensuring optimal performance whether it's one of our gas fired pizza ovens or a traditional wood fired pizza oven.
  • Warranty service is available during normal working hours, Monday to Friday. Requests outside these hours may incur an after-hours service fee.
  • Proof of purchase is required for any warranty claims, underscoring our commitment to swift and effective resolution.

Warranty Service:

Should you encounter any issues with your Forzo oven, rest assured that Argheri, a name synonymous with wood fired commercial pizza ovens and neapolitan pizza ovens, will manage your warranty claim with the utmost priority. The Argheri  partnership with The Pizza Oven Store since 2016 reflects our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, a testament to our shared values and commitment to providing world-class customer support.

Design and Inspiration:

The Argheri range of ovens, from the versatile pizza oven gas and wood models to the innovative outdoor pizza oven ideas, are designed to inspire culinary excellence. Whether you're crafting a traditional Napoli pizza in our Napoli pizza oven or experimenting with new recipes in one of our hybrid pizza ovens, Argheri ensures a seamless and enjoyable cooking experience.

Argheri and The Pizza Oven Store are not just about selling pizza ovens in Sydney or across Australia; we're about creating a community of pizza enthusiasts who value quality, high performance, innovation, and exceptional service. Our commitment to you extends beyond the sale, embodying our mission to support your culinary adventures with the best wood fired pizza ovens in Australia and beyond.

For any further inquiries or support, please contact our customer service team, where excellence is not just our standard but our promise to you.

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