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Online Pizza Mastery Course





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Dear Aspiring pizza maker,

I am extremely excited about launching the Online Pizza Mastery Course.  My goal is to get you making restaurant-quality pizzas as fast as possible in the simplest learning format as possible.  A no-BS online pizza course that takes you to a competent pizza maker in a very fast timeframe.  Minutes, not hours.  With downloadable resources and tools.

This course is for someone that has a passion for cooking pizza and wants to get consistent results that wow your family and friends when they come over for pizza at yours.  

If you've cooked in a Wood Fired Pizza Oven, or a gas pizza oven, before then you understand that there is a bit of a learning curve and this course is for anybody who simply want to learn or improve their pizza-making skills. 

I started out cooking pizzas on a stone in a barbeque and looking back it was embarrassingly bad (see below).  At the time I thought they were great and my wife said they were too (bless her).  And they were great for our first pizzas.  It was early days and there is nothing like making your own dough and cooking pizza with the toppings you love.  See below embarrassing pizza pics...

That was some time ago now.  I've cooked thousands of pizzas since then.  I've spent thousands on courses, read countless pizza books and watched probably hundreds of hours of pizza instructional videos on YouTube. 

On top of this having spent a great deal of time with some of the best Pizzaiolos in the business and had their tips passed on.  I can now say I actually make a decent pizza.  Here's one of the pizzas you'll learn to cook in the course...

If you haven't cooked pizza before then don't worry, this course is perfect for you, starting at the foundations into advanced techniques.

This course is everything that I've learned from making thousands of pizzas, watching hundreds of hours of YouTube, tips and knowledge given to me by some of the best Pizzaiolos in the business.  All this is compressed down into a package that is easy to follow and will get you making extremely good pizzas in the fastest possible time. 

Being a pizzaiolo requires knowledge and skill.  A pizza maker requires to understand the dough.  The ingredients and the methodology in each different environment all have vast effects on the outcome of your dough and pizza.

This online course you will learn how to pizza master the following:

  • Neapolitan Pizza
  • Romana Pizza
  • Dough management & storage
  • Catering for larger groups (up to 25)
  • Oven Temperature control
  • Dough Stretching technique
  • Pizza Cooking

The benefits of taking this online course:

  • Be able to manage your wood-fired or gas-fired oven temperature like a master.
  • Be able to wow and impress your family and friends with restaurant-quality pizzas.
  • Know how to cater pizzas for larger groups (up to 25)
  • Know what the best ingredients are for pizza, especially the flour you use.
  • Stretch out Neapolitan dough like a pro.
  • Know the mistakes you can make which will have you throwing your pizzas in the bin and how to avoid them.  
  • Be part of the private Facebook Group with all other course members to share even more tips, tricks and progress of your pizzas.    

What you won't have to do if you take this course:

  • Watch hours and hours or poorly put together YouTube videos which possibly don't show you the correct way of doing things.
  • Destroy dough that you spend time kneading or preparing in your pizza oven by burning, dropping, losing ingredients all over the place.
  • Eat raw dough or burnt pizza.
  • Throw away badly cooked pizza.
  • Be embarrassed about your pizzas in front of your family and or friends.

You will get a number of downloadable resources and tools that make making consistent pizza as easy as possible.

The Beta test group has now been selected and the online course is being tested to these select few.

Signup and be in the first 100 people  and you'll get the course half price.

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The full course when it goes live is expected to retail for $197 so signup now and get the course locked in for $97.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Chris | CEO & Founder 

The Pizza Oven Store