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Overnight PIzza Chef Online Masterclass by Pizza Like This



Dear Aspiring pizza maker,

I am super excited to announce the launch date of the online pizza masterclass 'Overnight Pizza Chef'.

About 24 months ago I set out on a journey to create an online course.  An online that was fail proof and that was simple for anyone to learn. No matter how experienced in a kitchen they were.

A no-BS easy to follow, step by step pizza masterclass that would hold your hand through every step to making exceptional pizzas first time round.

Yes, first time round!

And I wanted the course to be condensed down into a short as time as possible.  

Being a self taught pizza maker it took hundreds of hours of watching disorganised YouTube videos and reading lengthy pizza making books written by bakers that I had half an idea.

At which point I was mentally fatigued and exhausted.  

I knew that this isn't the way to learn.

It was only when I teamed up with 'Antimo Pizza Chef' who became my pizza mentor that I understood the essence of pizza.

So over the last 18 months we have created a course that will get you consistent results that wow your family and friends when they come over for pizza at yours.  

We've made the course as fun as possible which is pretty easy when you see how Antimo is in front of the camera!

As a back story to my pizzas...

I started out cooking pizzas on a stone in a barbecue and looking back it was embarrassingly bad (see below).  

image of pizzz before doing pizza masterclass with antimo and chris

That was some time ago now.  I've cooked thousands of pizzas since then.  Read countless pizza books and watched hundreds of hours of pizza instructional videos on YouTube. 

Having now spent a great deal of time with Antimo in making this course I can now say I actually make a half decent pizza.  Here's one of the pizzas you'll learn to cook in the course...

pizza masterclass final product Neapolitan Pizza Margherita

If you haven't cooked pizza before then don't worry, this course is perfect for you, starting at the foundations into advanced techniques.

This pizza masterclass you will learn how to pizza master the following:

  • Neapolitan Pizza
  • The secret ingredients to pizza
  • An overnight dough that will blow your mind
  • 7 amazing pizza recipes
  • How to cook in a wood fired oven
  • The best way to cook in an Ooni Koda 16

In addition to the above you'll get:

  • Know what the best ingredients are for pizza, especially the flour you use.
  • Be part of the private Facebook Group with all other course members to share even more tips, tricks and progress of your pizzas.    
  • Downloadable resources and tools that make making consistent pizza as easy as possible.

What you won't have to do if you take this course:

  • Watch hours and hours or poorly put together YouTube videos which possibly don't show you the correct way of doing things.
  • Destroy dough that you spend time kneading or preparing in your pizza oven by burning, dropping, losing ingredients all over the place.
  • Eat raw dough or burnt pizza.
  • Throw away badly cooked pizza.
  • Be embarrassed about your pizzas in front of your family and or friends.

It is worth noting that to get best results from this pizza masterclass you will need an oven that can go up to above 400 degrees Celcius.  That's not to say you can't do this course with your oven in your kitchen but the course requires the pizzas to be cooked above 400 degrees C.

To see this course, learn more here

I  look forward to hearing from you.


Chris | CEO & Founder 

The Pizza Oven Store

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