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  • Are your hardwood pellets treated with anything or are they raw wood? Thank you lizzie

    Hi Lizzie, the 10KG Premium Quality Australian Hardwood Pellets are made from Australian hardwood.  These pellets are made from milling machine waste and can be made from up to three hardwood species. The pellets are held together by the natural lignin in the wood - no glue or treatment is needed or used.  The other option is Novafoc 15 kg Premium wood pellets that are imported from Spain and made of Beechwood - these are made from sustainably forested trees, not machine waste from sawmills - and they are made with strict requirements to EN plus-A1.  What does EN Plus-A1 stand for? IT stands for the highest quality standard in Europe, audited by the European Pellet Council. A key advantage of EN plus-A1 is that pellet quality is managed throughout the entire supply chain including production, storage and transport all the way to the end consumer.   In real terms of pellets, hardwood pellets are best, although we have found that Australian grown Pine Radiata (softwood) actually do burn quite well too.  If you can find locally produced pellets to you then give them a try! You can be safe in knowing that we've tried and tested all the pellets that The Pizza Oven Store sells on the website and they all work well with the Uuni ovens.  If you need further help please give us a call on 1300 760 753.  Warm Regards. Chris | The Pizza Oven Store.