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Returned & Unused Ooni Pro | Portable Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven

by Ooni

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Returned by a customer and unused Ooni Pro.  This oven was purchased by a customer and returned in opened but unused condition.  We have opened the box, inspected the oven completely for any signs of use, damage or defects, then packed it back into the box as per the factory.

There are two very minor scratches on the top of the Ooni Pro which we assume is from the return transportation and not being packed exactly as per factory (the protective cover on the top had slid slightly off).  We have discounted this oven accordingly.

Otherwise, the oven is brand new.  Gloves ARE included.  The cutter is EXCLUDED.



With the Ooni Pro Wood-Fired Pizza Oven 'Starter Bundle', you get the world's most versatile outdoor quad-fueled* oven, plus a few of our favourite accessories to help get you up and running! The Ooni Pro Wood-Fired Pizza Oven 'Starter Bundle' includes:

We are excited to announce that the Ooni Pro has landed in Australia!  The long-awaited oven will be the first outdoor oven which will be quad fuel.  What does Quad Fuel this mean?  Basically, the oven can be heated using wood, charcoal, and gas*. Does it get any better? 

*Gas burner sold separately

Features Of The Ooni Pro

  • Fast & Extreme 500°C heat

    Just like the Ooni 3 oven, the Ooni Pro is capable to reach temperatures of 500°C / 932˚F in just 20 minutes.  Due to this heat, the Ooni Pro cooks authentic, restaurant-quality pizzas in 60 seconds, up to 16-inches in size.

  • Multi-fuel Capabilities, Allowing Users The Option to Burn Wood, Charcoal, Gas and Pellets 

    With the Ooni Pro comes the ability to cook with wood, wood pellets, charcoal and gas* which is great for being able to cook huge varieties of food.  The multi-fuel element of the Ooni Pro now provides so much scope to experiment with temperature and smoke. 

  • Large Cooking Surface

    Now cook up to 40cm / 16" pizzas, or large roast dishes, including meats, vegetables, fish or even just bake some artisan bread.  The options to cooking with the Ooni Pro are now endless. 

  • Comes Complete With Wood + Charcoal Burner as Standard

    The Pro can burn regular wood kindling as well as charcoal. What's great about using charcoal is it's able to provide a stable temperature and then prior to a pizza going in, just throw on a few bits of wood to really give that extra oomph and flavour.

  • Now Has Two Doors Included   

    The 'Ooni Pro Door with Thermometer' helps you to check out the oven's temperature at a glance. But better still, the Ooni Pro also includes our patent-pending 'Ooni Pro Pizza Door' a door which has a 'letterbox' opening to slide pizzas in and out easily. It's fully removable too so it's easy to put in a large piece of meat or bread. This is the only door to use with the Gas Burner.

  • Ultimate Portability

    True to their roots Ooni has kept the Pro transportable at 26kg / 57lbs.  This allows the oven to be moved from tabletop to garage each use or loaded into the car to go camping, down the beach or a mates place.


    Introducing The Ooni Pro 


    Ooni Pro: Assembly


    Ooni Pro – Cooking with charcoal & kindling 


     Ooni Pro – Pellet Burner


    Ooni Pro – Wood-Fired Calzone


    Available add-ons

    Also Available As Accessories

    • Ooni Pro Cover 

    • IR Thermometer 

    • Cast Iron Sizzler Pan 

    • Cast Iron Casserole Dish 

    • Ooni Pro Gas Burner


    Technical Features

    • Dimensions: 29.13"/740mm (L), 19.29"/490mm (W), 31.1"/790mm (H)

    • Cooking surface: 17.7" by 17.7" (450mm by 450mm)

    • Internal cooking area total height 185mm 

    • Made of 430 stainless steel

    • Ceramic fibre insulated

    • Dual airflow control

    • Security loop - the ability to secure your Pro to your garden furniture

    • 15mm cordierite stone for high heat retention


    Resources & Guides

     * Gas Burner sold separately


    Note. Stainless steel may change colour after exposure to extreme temperatures but this will not affect the way that Ooni Pro performs.


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