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Authentic Pizzaioli Stone Arch Prem Wood Fire Residential Pizza Oven

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Introducing the Pizzaioli Stone Arch Pizza Oven - A Slice of Italy in Your Backyard!

🍕 Embrace the Italian Artistry: The Pizzaioli Stone Arch, the sophisticated big sister to our beloved original Pizzaioli, boasts a distinctive stone facade that captures the essence of Italy. Craft authentic Italian-style pizzas in just 90 seconds with this wood-fired wonder. Its wider opening and lower dome conduct heat directly to the oven floor, ensuring pizza perfection.

🔥 Beyond Pizza: While it's renowned for pizzas, our best-selling Pizzaioli model, along with the Buena Ventura, offers culinary versatility. Roast chicken, veggies, casseroles, desserts, bread, and more in the complimentary Portuguese ceramic baking dish that comes with each oven.

🌟 Customer Approved: E. Davila gave it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and said, "I could not have made a better purchase... Family and friends loved it also! Overall, I definitely recommend purchasing from Authentic Pizza Ovens."

🇵🇹 Portugal's Handmade Excellence: Handcrafted in Portugal, our brick ovens are triple-insulated. While the exterior stays cool to the touch, the interior sizzles with heat. Our patented insulation technology, including a thick layer of Rockwool, sets us apart. The standard finish is white, but we offer premium models with a unique cork finish and added insulation.

🌦️ Weather-Ready: Our ovens are designed to withstand all weather conditions, but we recommend investing in a cover for added protection when not in use.

Upgrade your outdoor cooking experience with the Pizzaioli Stone Arch Pizza Oven - your passport to Italian culinary adventures in your backyard!


  • Exterior: 100cm W x 65cm H x 100cm D
  • Interior: 74cm W x 38cm H x 74cm D
  • Door: 50cm W x 21cm H
  • Chimney: 14cm W x 15.25cm H
  • Weight: 600kg

Please note that the door on this model opens DOWN. Prices include GST.

Unleash your inner pizzaiolo and create unforgettable moments with loved ones. Get your Pizzaioli Stone Arch Pizza Oven today! 🍕🔥

Dimensions & Weight

OUTSIDE: 100cm W x 65cm H x 100cm D
INSIDE: 74cm W x 38cm H x 74cm D
DOOR: 50cm W x 21cm H
CHIMNEY: 14cm W x 15.25cm H
Overall Product Weight: 500kg

Dimensions might vary slightly as each oven is handmade.

  • High-Grade Cast Aluminum Chimney: Includes a 6" (153mm) high spout chimney with flu/damper.
  • Ceramic Baking Dish: Comes with a complimentary baking dish (10" x 14.5" x 3").
  • Built-in Thermometer: Equipped with a built-in thermometer (0-500°C) for temperature monitoring.
  • Ultra Fire Patch Kit: Includes a kit to address superficial cracks in the oven.

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Authentic European Ovens

Authentic European Ovens

Handmade in Portugal with authentic brick-and-mortar - not clay.

Versatile Cooking

Versatile Cooking

Can cook various dishes, comes with a ceramic baking dish.

Door Hinged on Bottom

This design makes it easier to load and unload items from the oven, as the door swings downward.

Triple-Insulated Construction

Triple-Insulated Construction

Cool exterior, hot interior; triple-insulated with patented rockwool insulation for safety and heat retention.

Premium Hardware

Premium Hardware

Features a brick facade, non-rust cast aluminum door, and a viewing window.

Premium or Standard?

Premium models boast high-grade cast aluminum doors and stainless steel chimney flues, which are ideal for coastal or harsh weather environments as they resist sea-salt corrosion and rust.

The standard models come with iron doors and chimney flues.

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