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COVID-19 Note: We're running business as usual. Click HERE for more details.

Carawela Pro Commercial Wood Fired Pizza Oven


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Carawela Pro Commercial Wood Fired Pizza Oven

The Carawela Pro ovens are made to order and can take up to 2 weeks for manufacture plus shipping time.  Get in contact with us today on 1300 760 753 to discuss - we have low air freight costs which can make this oven available and delivered within 3 weeks.   

The Carawela Pro Wood Fired Pizza Ovens (Pro 600 & Pro 750) are for commercial use and are made for use on a daily basis.  The ovens are perfect for food trucks, restaurants or take away shops.  Both of these ovens are perfect as they are lightweight and space efficient. The Carawela Pro Commerical wood-fired ovens have sleek lines like no other pizza oven in Australia.  Made from high quality 304 stainless steel, it's a marvel in quality, function and design.

Features Of The Carawela Pro Wood Fire Ovens

  • The Pro 750 can cook up to 6 x 25cm (10") pizzas or 4 x 30cm (12") pizzas at a time. 
  • The Pro 600 can cook up to 4 x 25cm pizzas or 3 x 30cm pizzas at a time. 
  • In achieving optimum performance in any pizza oven, for continued use throughout the day, we recommend that only half of the oven capacity is used.  This present the opportunity for the pizza oven stone area without a pizza on to heat back up to cooking temperature. Then the next pizza is rotated over to the other side. 
  • The Carawela ovens can physically hold the pizza quantity capacity as detailed, pizza quantities per hour should be calculated based on half capacity for continuous use - assuming the pizza oven will have pizzas continually in the oven. 
  • For guidance - Pro 600: 1 to 2 x 12" pizzas capacity and Pro 750: 2-3 12" pizzas at a time for efficient usage.
  • Cooking Area - Pro 600: 60x60cm | Pro 750: 750 x 750
  • Capable of heating up to over 500° Celsius in less than 30 minutes
  • Built-in Thermometer
  • Made from 304 Stainless Steel
  • Powder-coated Aluminium external canopy
  • Fully insulated 
  • Airflow Control on flue
  • Both models weight under 100kg - perfect for food trucks.
  • Stylish sleek design
  • Available in two colours: Red, Graphite

    The Carawela Pro Is Really Easy To Use 

    The oven comes prefabricated and ready to use.  Out of the box, all that's required to do is place the chimney on the top and insert the refractory bricks into the oven. 

    Using wood as the fuel, cooking with the Carawela Pro couldn't be easier.  Starting the fire is easy. Light a stacked pile of kindling directly under the flue.  Once the fire is going, simply move to the back of the oven and add some slightly larger bits of hardwood to the fire. Loading the more wood to the fire couldn't be simpler, just add pieces through the mouth of the oven.

    What's Included In The Box

    • Carawela Pro Commercial Wood Fired Oven with Built-In Thermometer
    • Refractory Bricks 
    • Door with two timber handles and adjustable vents 
    • Manual
    • Stainless Steel Wood Holder (easily separate the fire from the cooking area) 

    Technical Features

    • External Dimensions: Pro 600 - W 73cm D 71cm | Pro 750 - W 88cm D 86cm
    • Weight: Pro 600 - 60kg | Pro 750 - 95kg
    • Made of 304 Grade Stainless Steel
    • Ceramic Fibre Insulated - 2 layers
    • Airflow Control
    • Adjustable Door Air Vents 
    • Refractory Cement Stone

    Technical Diagrams

      Carawela Pro 600 Pro 750 commercial wood fired pizza oven

      User Manual 

      The User Manual and guide to using are availble on request from 


      The Pro comes with a 12-month warranty in accordance with the User Manual guidelines.


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