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DeliVita The Complete Collection

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The DeliVita The Complete Collection is perfect for everything & anything to live the DeliVita life, Beautifully designed & lovingly handcrafted in Yorkshire to transform your family or party gathering into an event to remember. 

DeliVita The Complete Collection is where "you" as pizzaiolo take centre stage. The complete collection is for those who need a stand & all the nice to have. Perfect for use on balconies or in gardens, the DeliVita The Complete Collection has a stylish range of custom-made accessories. If you’re looking for a pizza oven with complete accessories which makes a real statement about you and your life, then the DeliVita Complete Collection should definitely be on your shopping list. 

This delicious bundle of joy includes:

  • The DeliVita Wood Fired Oven (Colors: Very Black, Olive Green, Vintage Blue, Hale Grey)
  • The all-weather cover
  • The accessories pack- The Pizza peel/The wooden Oven prodder/ The Dough scraper / The Pizza cutter & Oven brush
  • The wood starter pack
  • The Infrared Thermometer
  • The foldaway stainless steel stand


DeliVita Ovens & Why They Rock

DeliVita beautifully designed and compact ovens are easy to use and entirely portable, for delicious homemade wood-fired food anywhere you want.


  • DeliVita stylish ovens are made of fibreglass and weigh just under 30kg. 
  • Patent-pending Insulating heatproof handles & oven base means they can be positioned anywhere, on anything sturdy enough to safely bear the oven weight. 
  • Perfect for urban balconies and gardens 
  • Completely waterproof shell, exterior resistant to hairline cracks*
  • If you're not a pizza lover, meat/fish & veg cook perfectly in DeliVita ovens 
  • Ready to cook in around 25 minutes
  • Authentic wood-fired cooked pizza ready to eat in around 90 seconds 
  • Every oven is made by hand in Yorkshire 
  • DeliVita ovens come with a Guarantee of construction and workmanship
  • All DeliVita ovens are delivered with Harrington wood & eco lighters to get you started
  • Delivered with the convenience of a personal carriage service to your door, the oven positioned to your preferences and all packaging removed.
  • Outdoor use only



DeliVita Wood Fired Oven

  • Compact pizza oven measures 590mm x 590mm, it will easily cook 12″ pizza

All-Weather Cover

  • Made of odyssey fabric with a combination of an acrylic coated non-woven polyester and its water abrasion resistant

Pizza Peel

  • It's a 12" x 12" (30 cm) stainless steel paddle with a responsibly sourced beech wooden handle

Wooden Oven Prodder

  • It's a 75cm length, 7cm wide wooden prodder with a responsibly sourced beech

Dough Scraper

  • It's a 15cm length and 9cm wide stainless steel scraper with a responsibly sourced beech wooden handle 

Pizza Cutter

  • It's a 35cm length and 10 cm wide stainless steel scraper with a responsibly sourced beech wooden handle plus its great for handling a dough

Oven Brush

  • It has a 46cm overall length and 16cm width of brush with a responsibly sourced beech wooden handle plus its great for cleaning your oven

Wood Starter Pack

  • High-quality good wood fuel

Infrared Thermometer

  • It has a wide range from 26 ° F to -986 ° F / -32 °C to + 530 °C and its a non-contact Laser Temperature Gun, recommended for your wood-fired oven.

Foldaway stainless steel stand

  • It's a 304 stainless steel with dimensions when open: W67- cm D67- cm H91- cm and stand comes in 3 parts:  foldaway stand, top & bottom table

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