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Gi.Metal A-37R/120 Linea Azzurra Aluminium Rectangular Pizza Peel

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Presenting the Gi Metal Linea Azzurra Aluminium Rectangular Pizza Peel — where innovation meets tradition for the perfect pizza-making experience.

Key Features:

Stylish Design

The neutral anodised aluminium head, adorned in a light blue hue, adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

Lightweight and Sturdy

Experience reduced weight without compromising strength. The Linea Azzurra is exceptionally robust, ensuring durability in every culinary creation.

Oval Tubular Handle

Crafted for stability, the oval tubular handle provides a comfortable grip, making your pizza-making process a breeze.

Scraper Effect

The light and flexible head create a scraper effect, complemented by appropriate ribbing for enhanced resistance.

Anodised Surface

The neutral anodising not only imparts a sleek finish but also protects the surface against oxidation, ensuring longevity.

Seamless Construction

The head-handle joint consists of an overlay secured by three large rivets, guaranteeing safety and stability. Absence of vibrations transmitted to the handle enhances comfort during use.

Technical Details


      • Head Size: 36x36cm 
      • Handle Length: 120cm 
      • Length: 160cm 
      • Weight: 0.78kg 

      Elevate your pizza-making prowess with the Gi Metal Linea Azzurra — a perfect blend of craftsmanship, functionality, and style. 

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