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Gi.Metal Il Pizzaiolo Travel Set 'Set Valigia' Pizza Oven Tool Set

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The perfect companion for 'Il Pizzaiolo' (pizza maker).  This includes everything needed for making pizzas.

The Set Valigia comes in a Gi.Metal blue suitcase - the Gi.Metal factory colour which is soft and resistant, it contains everything needed for the professional pizza maker.

The pizza tools are of the highest quality and include the square head and turning peels in 3 pieces (2 handle pieces plus heads). 

The set (as in picture) consists of

  • Perforated Pizza peel A-32rF, 33x33 cm, disassembled in 3 pieces
  • Perforated Small peel I-20F, Ø 20 cm, disassembled in 3 pieces
  • Digital thermometer probe
  • Digital infrared thermometer
  • Kitchen knife 20 cm
  • Cloth cover-dough nylon
  • Stainless steel spoon, capacity 53gr
  • Special stainless steel knife for tray/pan pizza cutting
  • Stainless steel dough-cutter with a flexible blade
  • Professional pizza cutter with stainless steel blade ø 10 cm
  • Dough balls spatulas in stainless steel 10x9 cm

The peels can be used, depending on the needs, in short version (assembling 2 pieces) or in a long version (assembling 3 pieces).


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