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Jamie Oliver Pizza Oven Dome 60 Leggero Wood Fire Pizza Oven

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Out of stock! Now discontinued in Australia. Our alternative oven is The Polito Giotto or Valoriani Baby 75 

Should you choose the Dome 60 of Dome 80?  Check out our blog post here

Lighter, stronger and still handmade from the best refractory materials, a new high-tech finish means the updated Jamie Oliver Pizza Ovens Dome 60 Leggero is not only lighter but also crack resistant, waterproof and still retains its artisan appeal without compromising cooking performance or heat retention qualities.

At 40kg lighter than the original Dome60 and just 1 meter wide, the Jamie Oliver Pizza Ovens Dome 60 Leggero is more mobile and can easily be positioned on its own easy-to-assemble stand or incorporated into your outdoor entertaining design.

Handmade in Italy, completely pre-assembled and insulated the oven is delivered boxed to your door. Unlike some other ovens, you won’t need to buy any additional materials or carry out complicated building works.

We’ve thrown in everything you need, including a pizza peel and brush, as well as a stack of lovely recipes to get you inspired and cooking up tasty wood-fired dishes in no time.

Pizzas  1 pizza
Internal cooking floor:  60cm / 23.6 inches
External width:  87 cm / 34.3 inches
External depth:  94.5 cm / 37.2 inches
Oven height without flue:  57.5cm / 22.4 inches
Oven height with flue:  105cm / 41 inches
Entrance to cooking floor:  33cm w x 20cm h / 12 x 7.7 inches
Front Floor:  40.50cm w x 31cm d / 15.16 x 12.4 inches
Oven weight:  160kg
Stand height from ground:  93cm / 36.4 inches
Stand ground space:  81cm w x 81cm d / 32 x 32 inches
Stand weight:  16kg


Optional Extra:

Protect you Jamie Oliver Dome 60 Leggero oven from the elements with this sturdy and hardwearing cover. 



SKU: Jamie Oliver Pizza Ovens DOME60LEGGERO

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Ask a Question
  • Can you please send me curing instructions on how to cure this oven.

    The Jamie Oliver wood-fired pizza oven is made from heat-resistant clay, but the water used to form the clay must be cooked out before your oven can be put into use. This process is called curing.

    The first step involves drying the water out of the clay and the second is tempering the clay. This is achieved by lighting several small fires inside the wood fire oven, over a period of one to three days, gradually increasing the oven temperature. Jamie Oliver Ovens recommend a total of 6 to 8 hours of curing, starting at a temperature of 50°C and increasing the temperature at approximately 25°C per hour (use the thermometer in the stand provided).

    Curing can be done either in one long burn or over two to three days. Start with a small kindling fire and slowly build up to a bigger fire using one or two small logs, approximately 2.5cm wide and 30cm long. Although this is unlikely to happen, make sure you do not overheat the wood-fired pizza oven, as it can cause cracks in the components. (Don’t worry if small hairline cracks appear in the surface of the clay – this is completely normal.)

    Thanks & Warm Regards

    The Pizza Oven Store