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Ooni 3 | Portable Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven - 10kg Wood & Gas Burner Bundle | Discontinued

by Ooni

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Now Discontinued.

The Ooni 3 pizza oven by Ooni now comes with gas!  Even better as for a limited time the bundle comes with the cover and bag, 10 Kg premium wood pellets and the choice between two awesome pizza cutters (Mezzaluna or 'Off its rocker' the choice is yours!

What's in this CRAZY value bundle...  

With this great value bundle, you are ready to start cooking with gas immediately! Valued at $774, this bundle is on offer for the price of $689.

The Ooni 3 Wood & Gas Burner Bundle has everything you need to start cooking restaurant quality pizza and so much more at a flick of a switch!

The gas burner attachment turns the Ooni 3 oven into the best value gas pizza out there.  Nothing comes close for the money.

Tried and Tested Hands Down Best Value Gas Pizza Oven In The World!

The Pizza Oven Store have tried and tested the Ooni 3 with the gas burner and we must say, it's pretty damn good, even as wood-fired pizza oven enthusiasts! At $689 nothing comes close in value!

The reality is that wood made makes the best pizza due to the taste of the smokey infused pizza BUT, nothing beats gas for ease of use and temperature control. You can be ready to go at the flick of a switch and using gas gives you the ability to cook anything from loaves of bread to pizza and steak.  


  • Reaches 500ºC in 10 minutes with a choice of gas or wood pellets. 
  • Simply and easy to use and get delicious restaurant quality pizzas at home. 
  • Portable & Lightweight makes the Ooni 3 perfect for pizzas anywhere outdoors whether in the garden, camping, picnics, taking to the beach or just round mates.
  • Super fast pizzas in 60 seconds which means pizza parties and up to 40 pizzas an hour is no problem.    

    Quickly and easily convert your Ooni 3 to gas!

    So how does it work?  The Gas Burner for Ooni 3 attaches right onto the back of Ooni 3, providing a convenient and easy option to power your oven with gas. Offering the same incredible speed and high heat as using wood or charcoal, the heat control knob means effortlessly cooking at a range of temperatures. Ooni 3 heats up to 500 ̊C within 10 minutes of firing, ready to cook anything from bread loaves to 60-second pizza and steak.

    Important, read before purchase:

    • Ooni 3 gas burner is for use with the door off ONLY.

    • Ooni 3 Gas Burner was designed, tested and approved for use with Ooni 3 oven. While it physically fits some of our previous models, we have not tested this extensively and therefore cannot guarantee or provide a warranty for using this product with ovens other than Ooni 3.

      Technical Features

      • Made of 430 stainless steel
      • Ceramic fibre insulated
      • 10mm (0.4") cordierite stone for high heat retention
      • Patent-pending design
      • Cooking surface: 337 by 337mm (13.2" by 13.2")
      • Dimensions: 640mm (25.2") (L), 360mm (14.1") (W), 220mm (8.6") (H) excluding chimney
      • To be used with LPG only



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