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Ooni Pizza Oven Brush and Turning Peel Bundle

by Ooni
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Enhance your pizza-making journey with this essential bundle, featuring tools beloved by professional pizza artisans. From cooking to clean-up, this bundle has you covered.

The Ooni Pizza Turning Peel revolutionizes the art of moving and rotating your pizza with effortless finesse while maintaining the perfect bake. Crafted with a seven-inch anodized aluminum surface, this peel boasts a non-stick effect for seamless sliding under pizzas, while its perforations ensure excess flour effortlessly falls away, resulting in a flawlessly cooked pizza base every time.

For swift and efficient cleaning of your Ooni pizza oven post-cooking, the Ooni Pizza Oven Brush steps up as a versatile 2-in-1 stone baking board brush and scraper tool. Featuring a comfortable wooden handle and a durable stainless steel scraper and bristles, this brush swiftly removes excess flour with its bristles and easily transitions to scraping away fallen food debris.

What's Included in This Bundle:

  • Ooni Pizza Turning Peel
  • Ooni Pizza Oven Brush

Equip yourself with the tools favored by professionals and elevate your pizza-making game to new heights. With this bundle by your side, every aspect of your pizza-making journey will be a delight.

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