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Stadler Made Outdoor Wood Fire Pizza Oven

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The Pizza Oven Store is proud to bring the Stadler Made Outdoor Oven to Australia.  Reminiscent of cast iron wood fire ovens and stoves of the 18th & 19th century, Stadler Made has created a unique wood-fired oven with a twist on both modern and old.

Stove like in appearance, you build your fire in the compartment below the cooking area which has two stones, one on the base and one on the roof.  At the back of the cooking compartment, a gap allows the flames from the fire to connect above the food creating the perfect conditions for cooking a smoke flavoured pizza.   

The Stadler Made Outdoor Oven Starter Bundle has everything you need except wood and pizza dough and toppings! 

  • Stadler Made Outdoor Oven - uber-cool, industrial-looking, rustic pizza oven. Great for lazy Sunday afternoons cooking pizza and drinking wine.
  • FREE Stadler Made Handless Pizza Peel - for launching pizzas with style into the Outdoor Oven.  This is the peel as pictured in the bottom right of bundle image.
  • FREE Stadler Made Oven Base - for preventing the oven’s legs from sinking into the ground and will give the oven a sturdy foundation to stand on - ideal if you want to put the oven rough outdoor surface, such as dirt, sand or an open field.


OPTIONAL accessories: (NOT included with the starter bundle)

  • Thermo Door - for baking beautiful bread (low loaves) or just cooking low and slow.  Allows you to better control the temperature of the baking compartment.
  • Black Ops Infrared Thermometer - the ultimate tool to tell you when the stones are ready at your desired cooking temperature.  Stones not warm enough - add more wood, stones too hot, wait for the oven to cool down.  Easy when you have the Maverick thermometer!
  • Stadler Made Cover - the outdoor oven is made to be outside and can withstand almost any type of weather. However, the baking stones inside the oven are a bit more fragile. With this cover, you can be sure that your stones won’t absorb any moisture from the rain or get dirty.



  • The Outdoor Oven is built entirely out of Corten Sheets to give it the unique rust-like appearance.
  • Two stone baking boards to provide both top and bottom heat 
  • Dutch made and manufactured with precision in the Netherlands
  • Versatile in design to allow for 'low & slow' cooking or smokey hot for quick pizzas.
  • Clever design that provides ease of construction straight out of the box 
  • A unique, antique design like no other ovens on the market.
  • Stainless steel pizza peel (sheet - no handle)
  • Experience the joy of working with food and fire

Below shows the colour shift from left to right as the material ages it changes from an industrial design metal to rustic thing of beauty:

Stadler Made Wood fire Pizza Oven colour shift


First, you build a small fire with kindling in the fire compartment.  Once the fire is going you add slightly bigger pieces of wood.  The fire will burn for around 25 to 35 minutes for the oven to heat up to cooking temperature.  The two stones included in the oven absorb and reflect the heat to make a perfect cooking environment for pizza, meat trays, veggie trays, cast iron sizzlers with seafood or meat. 

Stadler Made Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven how it works


Every Stadler Made Outdoor Oven is delivered to you flat-pack.  The box contains all parts required for you to build the beautiful Stadler Oven.  Don't worry about assembly, step-by-step instructions are included and it's an absolute joy to assemble the oven yourself.  

  • Corten Sheets & Fixings
  • 2 no. Stone Baking Boards
  • Small pizza peel (no handle)
  • Manual & Handbook

Stadler Made Outdoor Oven Corten Steel All Parts laid out


Corten steel often referred to as 'weathering steel' is an alloy that has been developed to eliminate the requirement for painting.  Instead, a stable rust-like appearance is formed if exposed to the weather for several years.  Weathering steel is often used in sculptures for its rustic antique appearance and is what makes the Stadler Made oven look so unique.  The Outdoor Oven will come with a neat black appearance and it will take approximately one to two years for it to become covered fully with a rusty appearance.  Weather and climate may also affect how long the rust forming process will take.  The Stadler Made Outdoor Oven is a first of its kind for wood-fired pizza ovens and we like it, a lot.  

Technical Details 

  • Material: 23cm 
  • Max Temperature: 400°C / 750°F
  • Length: 40 cm / 15,8 inches
  • Width: 37 cm / 14,6 inches 
  • Height: 85 cm / 33,5 inches
  • Weight: 43kg 
  • Warranty: 2 Years 


Download here





Download Stadler Made pizza oven assembly guide here.

(File updated April 2022) 

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