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Alfa Pizza Forno 4 Pizze Wood Burning Pizza Oven Review

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The Alfa Pizza Forno 4 Wood Fire Pizza Oven is one of, if not our best selling pizza ovens and for good reason.  Alfa Pizza has built a reputation on manufacturing easy to use, efficient and great looking pizza ovens.  


alfa pizza oven forno 4 best oven

 Here are our top reasons why this oven is one of our best-selling ovens:

  • Comes fully assembled!
  • No curing / firing process required (some pizza ovens need to have small fires made that get bigger each day over several days, in some cases 7-10 days before you can get a large fire ready to cook on
  • Can be heat-ready in 15-20 mins to cook pizzas
  • Can easily cook 3-4 pizzas at a time, great for family or friends or parties
  • Very efficient log burning in comparison to other non-Alfa ovens which require excessive amounts of logs.
  • The oven is on wheels and moveable so you're not limited or fixed to one location
  • Looks great
  • Creates a lovely, lightly smoked flavoured pizza 
  • The oven a perfect size at only 155cm long by 87cm deep

 alfa pizza oven forno 4 best oven

Call us today to help get you on your way to cooking authentic, restaurant quality and great tasting pizzas in the comfort of your own home.

You can buy the oven here 


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