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The Pizza Oven Store is proud to be an Australian Family Owned business providing only the best pizza ovens available.

Wood Fire Pizza Ovens

Why Choose a Jamie Oliver Dome 60 or Dome 80 Pizza Oven?

The Jamie Oliver Dome 80 is an awesome oven.  But why choose a Jamie Oliver Oven? All the benefits of a traditional pizza oven, i.e. full refractory cement dome and base and insulated but where the oven excels over traditional pizza ovens is that it has a 'sand cement look' fibre-glass shell which is maintenance free, i.e. reduces the chances of cracking like in a traditional oven.  What is great is the oven comes pre-fabricated with only the stand that is required to build and the oven to be lifted.  The lifting part of the installation will require 4 people to lift the oven onto the stand as the oven weights approximately 170kg, around 43kg per corner of the oven.  Our advice is to muster up a group of people who can be bribed by a pizza or two and a few cold ones!  You shouldn't have too much issue finding them in our experience.

Pizza Oven Of The Month: October 2017 - Stadler Made Outdoor Oven

With an abundance of exciting wood fire pizza ovens coming entering the market this Spring our pick of a single pizza oven for October 2017 hasn't been easy.  The Pizza Oven Store is excited to announce the Stadler Made Outdoor Oven.

Stadler Made Outdoor Oven comes to australia

Why Cooking With A Wood Fired Pizza Oven Is So Good

In gardens and terraces all around the world, an uprising and revolution have been taking place over the last couple of years.  Cooking with a... Read More