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The Pizza Oven Store is proud to be an Australian Family Owned business providing only the best pizza ovens available.

Wood Fire Pizza Ovens

Why Cooking With A Wood Fired Pizza Oven Is So Good

In gardens and terraces all around the world, an uprising and revolution have been taking place over the last couple of years.  Cooking with a... Read More

Uuni 2S Wood Fire Pizza Oven Review

We are excited to announce that Uuni Wood Pellet Pizza Ovens are now available at The Pizza Oven Store.  As one of the only retailers in Australia, we are delighted to bring you the modern take on wood-fired pizza.

Wood vs. Gas Fire Pizza Oven, which is best?

You know you want a pizza oven, but not sure whether to go the gas or the wood fire route.  We break down the benefits... Read More