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About Us

Welcome to The Pizza Oven Store, your number one source for all things pizza oven. We’re dedicated to giving you a memorable experience when you shop on our online store by offering quality products with top-rated customer service.

We are based in Sydney and distribute nationwide across Australia to all metropolitan and regional areas.

We LOVE pizza! Socialising AND pizza! That’s really what it all comes down to.

Imagine...evenings spent laughing with friends, your own back yard or deck, terrace or better still, the above with a vista.  Mouth-watering pizza’s are served straight from the pizza oven, made exactly to your taste, with of course some chilled beers or Italian wine.  These were our memories that we turned into to regular occurrences by buying our first pizza oven. 

It all started for us whilst travelling through Italy many years ago,  our love for Italian pizza began.  Pizzas in Italy are better than anywhere else in the world, they are simple, made with fresh ingredients, cooked with passion and cheap!  You'd be very unlucky indeed to find yourself eating bad pizza in Italy.   

It was one of our final evenings in Tuscany, whilst drinking sun downers on the terrace looking over the olive and grape filled hills as our hosts served delicious pizzas straight out of their pizza oven where we were inspired to invest in our very first pizza oven at our home.

Finding the best pizza oven, to suit our needs, wasn’t as easy or as simple as we had anticipated with such a broad range of choices and costs, it was confusing to say the least.  After countless hours of research and months passing we finally invested in our pizza oven. Thousands of pizzas later, that same pizza oven still holds us well.

Soon. after enjoying many pizza-fuelled evenings with us, our friends desired their very own pizza oven and with our knowledge and information on the subject set about assisting them in buying their very own pizza heaven. The alfresco revolution was sweeping through our friends and their friends and the friends of their friends.  The idea was born and the inception of The Pizza Oven Store.

Here at The Pizza Oven Store our aim is simple - to get pizza lovers on the right path to their own pizza heaven.  We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. Our team of Pizza Oven experts are ready to help you find your perfect pizza oven and fulfil your very own pizza heaven so If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


The Pizza Oven Store