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How To Care For Your Wood Fire Oven

How To Care For Your Wood Fire Oven

So you have your pizza oven and will probably want to keep it in the same condition as before the first time you ever used it.  Well the good news is that it's very easy and simple:

  • You do not need to clean the oven with cleaning products because the high temperatures will kill any germs and bacteria. Any food spillages will simply be burnt to ashes, which you can sweep out later.


  • After each use or when ash has built up too much , sweep the ash out of the oven with a metal brush into a suitable metal container when it has cooled down. Afterwards, you can use the cooled ash as a fertiliser for your garden.
  • Never throw water into the oven as this could damage its components.
  • It’s a good idea to clean the flue pipe every now and then. Use a brush to loosen any soot stuck inside the pipe or underneath the rain cap.
  • Remove the metal plate door.
  • Metal components can be resprayed with heat resistant paint, paint available at DIY stores


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