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a pizza oven from Ooni?

a pizza oven from Ooni?

Hey there pizza lovers! Ooni have recently announced to their email members, Instagram followers and on their homepage of the website that the future of pizza is coming! They've only gone and teased us with a couple of pics of their latest creation, and let me tell you, it looks pretty damn sleek.

Many people have been speculating what the oven is going to be and also type  of oven. All will be confirmed on their special announcement event on March 2nd.

In the meantime, all we have to go on are those two pics - one of the front of the oven with three knobs/dials and one of the back with the Ooni logo. But even just looking at those pics, we're pretty excited.

At The Pizza Oven Store HQ, we're massive fans of Ooni's products. So it is with great excitement that come March 2nd we will hopefully welcome a new pizza oven to the range of Ooni.

Tune in if you can as we'll definitely be tuning in to the special announcement event on March 2nd to see what Ooni has in store for us.

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