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polito pizza oven on the block

Polito Giotto On The Block

Have you ever experienced the sheer culinary delight of a pizza fresh out of a wood-fired oven? If so, you might have come across the star performer of our lineup - the Polito Giotto Pizza Oven. This isn't just a pizza oven; it's a statement of style, a mark of great taste, and a joy to use.

Just like TV presenter Shaynna Blaze, we too are smitten with the Polito Giotto. Its beauty isn't just skin deep - it's an unparalleled performer that transforms any entertainment area into a gourmet pizzeria. Don't just take our word for it, though.

But what makes the Polito Giotto stand apart in the crowded field of pizza ovens? It's the marriage of traditional Napoli-style pizza oven design with a modern aesthetic. The Giotto, artisan-crafted with a high heat painted aluminium shell, balances tradition and innovation beautifully. The result? A high-performing, compact, and portable oven that's a must-have for pizza enthusiasts.

What impresses us most about the Giotto is its speedy heat-up time. Within 45 minutes, it's ready to bake your pizza to perfection. This is a far cry from the tedious 2-3 hours that more traditional ovens demand. Despite its rapid heat-up time, the oven retains heat for hours, thanks to its inner shell made from quality refractory cement. This makes it perfect for long, slow roasts or baking crusty bread.

We invite you to watch a video of us putting this magnificent oven through its paces at our Sydney warehouse. You'll see firsthand the magic that happens when heat, dough, and toppings meet inside the Giotto.

The Polito Giotto is as practical as it is impressive. Weighing in at 148kg, it's quite portable for a pizza oven. It's weatherproof, crack-resistant, rust-proof, and self-cleaning. The Giotto is pre-assembled, so you won't have to break a sweat putting it together. All you need to do is attach the flue, and if you've chosen the Hex stand option, assemble the stand. Remember, though, you'll need some help to lift it into place safely - or simply avail of our white-glove service.

We love that the Polito Giotto is available in a range of stunning colours, including Black, Charcoal, Champagne, Copper, and Shimmering Rose. This means you can choose a hue that complements your decor or makes a bold statement.

Did we mention it's Aussie made, with Italian heritage? The Giotto is the embodiment of high-quality materials and craftsmanship that reflect its authentic Italian bloodline. We're proud to partner with Polito Wood Fire Ovens to bring you this world-class pizza oven.

polito pizza oven

The Polito Giotto is so much more than a pizza oven. It's an invitation to explore your culinary creativity, a promise of delightful gatherings with friends and family, and a testament to your good taste. We're confident that once you've experienced the Polito Giotto, you'll agree with us and Shaynna Blaze: it's a showstopper.

Head over to Polito Pizza Oven page (click here) to get your very own Polito Giotto. Remember, all colours are in stock and we even offer a free Overnight Pizza Chef Online Masterclass with every purchase. Let's get cooking! 

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