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Uuni 2S Wood Fire Pizza Oven Review | The Pizza Oven Store

Uuni 2S Wood Fire Pizza Oven Review

Introducing The Uuni 2S Wood Pellet Pizza Oven

We are excited to announce that Uuni Wood Pellet Pizza Ovens are now available at The Pizza Oven Store.  As one of the only retailers in Australia, we are delighted to bring you the modern take on wood-fired pizza.

Uuni 2S Wood Pellet The Pizza Oven Store fire

The Uuni 2s pizza oven, now in its second iteration, started out as a Kickstarter project back in 2011 and since then has taken on global domination.  The Uuni 2S is affordable, portable wood-fired pizza oven.  It is large enough to cook one large pizza at a time and small enough to take camping, to a mates home, to a park, beach or wherever you desire!

The oven is fuelled by wood pellets and is ready to cook (450°C) after just 10 minutes. Pizzas take just 2 minutes each to cook… and taste delicious.
See the Oven here : Uuni 2S Wood Pellet Oven


The Box Opening

The attention to detail given by Uuni with the 2s is astounding as from the beautifully graphic designed box that comes with the oven right through to the oven itself.

Uuni 2s Wood Pellet The Pizza Oven Store Box Packagin

The assembly instructions that you receive with the box look like a set of blueprints which are full of numbered detailed diagrams that are very easy to follow.   Uuni says that the pizza oven takes about around 15 minutes to assemble which isn't far off from the 30 minutes it took us to build ours, but we were taking our time ensuring we did everything correctly.

The 2S oven comes with a stone baking board to cook the pizzas authentically and a pizza peel to make the pizzas on and put in the oven.  You can buy a Cover/Bag, an extra Pizza Peel, Sizzler Pan and wood pellets all as extras.  The Cover/Bag is great to keep the oven protected and easily transportable. The Sizzler Pan is great for cooking meats or roasting vegetables.


Cooking with the Uuni 2S Pizza Oven

To light up the Uuni 2S you load the grate with food grade wood pellets with either a gas blow torch, firelighters or barbeque light fluid - we would recommend the blow torch.

You then load up the hopper (tube) above the grate with wood pellets. During the whole cooking process, you will need to add a scoop of pellets every 5 minutes or so, to keep the hopper filled up half way. The pellets drop down as required to fuel the fire.

Just a short 10 minutes after you start the fire the Uuni 2S is at 450 degrees celsius and ready for you to cook your first pizza, which only takes between 90 and 120 seconds.  The oven is definitely hotter at the back of the oven and so we found we had to rotate the pizza at least once during the cooking of each pizza.  It's easily done with the Uuni pizza peel that comes with the oven.  

Uuni 2s The Pizza Oven Store Wood Pellet Peel

Just a tip, it's worthwhile investing in an additional peel so that you can make be making your next pizza whilst cooking a pizza.  Otherwise, you will have a bit of a delay between pizzas, check out our range of pizza peels.

After you get the hang of building a pizza, putting it in the oven, having another pizza being built at the same time, you can be producing fantastic wood-fired smokey pizzas every two minutes.  The pizzas are astounding and to think that this comes from a product that costs less than $400 AUD.


Why Should You Buy The Uuni 2S Pizza Oven?

If your budget can't stretch into the thousands for a full sized pizza oven on a cart or modular built-in system then the simple answer is, you need a Uuni 2S pizza oven in your life! Now!  

The Uuni 2S, In comparison to other pizza ovens matched at a similar price point, provides you with a far superior product, which there is nothing else like, that is made from a high-quality stainless steel, allows you to be portable and take it to the beach, round friends homes, cook fast and the wood pellets are easy to store or transport with you.  Not forgetting the fact that it produces restaurant quality pizzas which taste yummy!

Check out the oven and accessories : Uuni, Uuni 2s, Cover/Bag, Pizza Peel, Sizzler Pan, wood pellets

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