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White Glove Installation

The Pizza Oven Store is happy to provide our White Glove Installation service to you.

What Is A White Glove Installation Service?

A White Glove Installation is a premium delivery and assembly option available to our customers in Sydney (local area to The Pizza Oven Store). This is an additional cost to our regular delivery price.

This service includes delivery and full assembly of your pizza oven, as well as the removal of leftover packaging and rubbish from your home. 

We will also provide some basic information about the operation and use of your new pizza oven.

Why Choose The Pizza Oven Store White Glove Service?

Some of our pizza ovens can be heavy to move and lift.  In some cases the oven themselves may weight up to 200kg and require lifting onto your bench or the stand if it comes with the oven.  The option you have is to do this yourself with a few strong people.  Relatives or friends that can be persuaded to give a hand with the lure of repaying them in pizza and beer normally works.

We offer this service if the pizza and beer isn't a big enough lure or timings simply don't work for you to get two to four other people to lift the oven for you.

How Much Does White Glove Installation Cost?

We currently price each installation on a case by case basis. As a general guide white glove installation costs round $550-650 depending on the whether the oven is oven only, oven with a stand that requires assembly, location, access, steps and distance of travel from vehicle access. 

In some cases it is not possible to get pizza ovens to their location with width restrictions.  We can organise a crane and manage the installation in these instances. 

A crane for lifting a pizza oven, such as the Polito Giotto, Valoriani Baby, can cost from $600 up to $1200 depending on the situation.

valoriani pizza oven baby 75 crane

In contrast to a courier/freight delivery, kerbside with a tailgate for an approximate 200kg oven to Sydney Metro it can cost between $150 and $350.

If you’d like a quote for a white glove installation service, please contact us on 1300 760 753 so we can discuss you details.

We will need the following information from you:

  1. The pizza oven and stand options that you are interested in.
  2. Your address so we can review it on Google streetView for access and location.
  3. A video from your smart phone showing us your driveway through to the proposed access route to the final pizza oven location.  Any gates, doors just note on the video the width.  Send this over to us at
  4. Currently this service is available with the Polito Giotto and the Valoriani Baby 75 pizza ovens

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