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Argheri Dual Pizza Tool Set

by Argheri
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The Argheri Dual Pizza Peel Set is the ultimate tool set for pizza lovers who want the to make delicious pizzas at home. As a home cook, you want the best equipment to help you make perfect pizzas, and that's where the Argheri Pizza Peel Set comes in. 

This set includes 2-pizza peels, the 14" launching peel and the 8" turning peel. The launching peel is made of lightweight anodized aluminum for durability and longevity, while the turning peel is made of stainless steel meant to withstand longer exposure to heat as needed when turning pizzas.

The two piece Argheri tool set including the launching peel and turning peel, 14" and 8" in size, respectively, makes them the perfect tool for launching your pizzas up to 14" in size with ease and then rotating the pizzas as they cook, ensuring that you get the best results every time.

The high heat environment of a portable pizza oven is no match for the riveted construction of the Argheri turning peel. It can withstand the heat, making it the ideal choice for home cooks who want a reliable and long-lasting pizza peel.  Beware of other peels out there with screw connections!

The comfortable handle of the Argheri turning peel reduces hand fatigue, so you can focus on creating the perfect pizzas. The hook on the end of the handle allows for easy hanging of the peel between pizzas or when in storage, saving space and keeping your kitchen organized. The non-toxic materials used in the construction of the Argheri Pizza Peel Set ensure that your pizzas are safe to eat.

The Argheri Dual Pizza Peel Set is the must-have tool for any home pizza maker looking to make delicious pizzas at home. The lightweight and durable construction of the peels, combined with the comfortable handles and hooks, make this set the best choice for pizza lovers everywhere. So, if you're looking for a reliable and long-lasting pizza peel, look no further than the Argheri Dual Pizza Peel Set.



  • Perforated design on both pizza peels ensures that excess flour is kept to a minimum and anodized coating ensures the pizzas slide on and off the peels easily.   
  • Lightweight anodized aluminum head and handle: The lightweight design of the turning peel makes it easy to handle and maneuver, even when loaded with a fully-topped pizza. The anodized aluminum construction ensures durability and longevity for your cooking needs.
  • Riveted to withstand high heat: The riveted construction of the turning peel makes it able to withstand the high heat environment of a portable pizza oven, ensuring that it stays intact and functional even with frequent use.
  • Perfectly sized for woodfire pizza ovens: The 14" launching peel and 8" turning peel makes them the ideal size for big pizza ovens up to 120cm deep. 
  • Hook for hanging: The hook allows for easy hanging of the peel between pizzas or when in storage, saving space and keeping your pizza kitchen organized.
  • Comfortable handle: The handle is designed for a comfortable grip and ease of use, reducing hand fatigue and allowing you to make the most of your cooking experience.
  • ABS Plastic Slider on turning peel for stable turning of pizzas.


  • Improved cooking: With a perforated design you'll remove excess flour to ensure you won't be tasting a sour pizzas and you're family and friends will be praising you at your unbelievably good pizzas!
  • Jedi turning skills incoming: With the comfortable handle and easy to control pizza turning peel head you'll be showing off your jedi pizza turning skills in no time! Turning and adjusting the the position of your pizza in the oven couldn't be easier with the 7" turning peel resulting in a perfectly baked crust every time. Say goodbye to burnt pizzas!
  • Increased control: The design of the turning peel gives you greater control over your pizza as it cooks, allowing you to make adjustments as needed to ensure the best results.
  • Safe and easy to use: The lightweight and durable construction of the turning peel makes it easy to handle and maneuver, while the non-toxic materials ensure that your pizzas are safe to eat.  Plus the handles have been designed to be the perfect length for portable pizza ovens, keeping your hands away from the burning hot pizza oven. 
  • Efficient: With the ability to adjust your pizzas as they cook, the turning peel saves you time and effort compared to other methods of cooking pizzas, allowing you to enjoy delicious pizzas with less hassle.
  • Organized kitchen: The hook for hanging helps keep your kitchen organized by saving space and keeping your tools within reach.
  • Comfortable cooking experience: The comfortable handle reduces hand fatigue and makes the cooking experience more enjoyable, allowing you to focus on creating the perfect pizzas.


The Argheri dual pizza tool set comprises two pizza tools that a pizza maker needs in the professional pizza kitchen or pizzaiolo that wants the best at home.

The pizza peel tool set is perfect for any size pizza oven up to a 120cm internal oven (large commercial oven).  

The dual pizza tool set includes a launching pizza peel and a turning pizza peel.

The pizza peels have perforated heads that maximise flour reduction whilst maintaining easy slide-off from the pizzas.  In addition, the perforation holes reduce the overall weight of the pizza peel, which means you can do a higher quantity of pizzas without fatigue - perfect for the commercial pizza environment. 

The turning pizza peel is made from quality food-grade stainless steel, not aluminium, as the turning peel spends more time in the high heat of the pizza oven, putting more demand on this tool.

Stainless steel is better for turning pizza peels as it has better resistance and durability from high heat and is more durable than aluminium turning peels.

The Argheri dual tool set is conveniently boxed and ready to send or gift.  This a great gift idea for those with a pizza oven who want to step up their pizza game.

The dual kit includes the following:

  • Rectangular launching pizza peel in anodised aluminium
  • Round-turning pizza peel in stainless steel

This dual tool set suits pizza ovens of all sizes up to 120cm deep internally.


Technical Details:

Rectangular Pizza Peel (anodised aluminium)

  • Head Size: 35 cm / 14"
  • Handle Size: 100 cm / 39"
  • Overall Length: 131 cm / 55"
  • Weight: 0.65 kg

Round turning pizza peel (stainless steel)

  • Head Size: 20 cm / 8"
  • Handle Size: 120 cm / 47"
  • Overall Length: 141 cm / 55"
  • Weight: 0.78 kg

What's Included:

  • 14" Perforated Pizza Peel
  • 8" Perforated Turning Peel
  • Care Guide



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