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ooni fyra pizza oven with wood pellets

Best Selling Ooni 3 Discontinued Now Introducing The Ooni Fyra

The Ooni 3 had a large part to do with the pizza oven disruption that occurred over the last 4 years.  Previously, pizza ovens would cost large sums of money, up into the thousands of dollars and simply unaffordable for most budding pizzaiolos. The Ooni 3 oven at around $400 was a gamechanger.

There were the Ooni 3's predecessors, the original Uuni, Uuni 2, 2S and then the Ooni 3. Excuse us for using the former name of the Ooni, ha-hum, Uuni.  Yes, Uuni had a big rebrand in 2019 from Uuni to Ooni.  

Ooni started the pellet fueled pizza oven revolution.  And after 3 years of service (the Ooni 3) that allowed people at home all over the world to affordably make delicious pizzas, it's now time for the Ooni 3 to pass the baton over. 

ooni fyra wood fired pellet pizza oven

How Will The Ooni Fyra Be Improved Over the Ooni 3?

The baton is being handed to the Ooni Fyra.  Ooni's newest and greatest pellet oven.  Ooni has said that the hopper can hold enough pellets to last at least 20 minutes.  In fact, below is a video with the CEO and Founder of Ooni, Kristian Tapaninaho demonstrating, rather well too, how the oven will last way beyond 20 minutes.  That is a game-changer ladies and gentleman.  

A pellet wood-fired pizza oven that doesn't require to feed pellets into an oven every 5-8minutes. 20 minutes is long enough to produce a lot of pizzas without thinking about the fuel supply in the oven.  If you're 'on-it' with your pizza game, in theory, you could cook at least 10 pizzas in 20 minutes on one fuel load.  For most people, 20 minutes could easily allow you to cook 4-5 pizzas.  You can watch that video below...

As well as holding more pellets, the Ooni Fyra is now much more in line with the look of the Ooni Koda, Ooni Karu and the forthcoming Ooni Koda 16.  The new materials and insulation are said to provide better thermal efficiency and higher legs provide an easier to operate height whilst a larger distance away from your surfaces.  Result.

When Will The Ooni Fyra Arrive In Australia.

With it looking like COVID-19 being almost behind us now in Australia and hopefully, the rest of the world things are looking positive again for international manufacturing and shipping.  The Ooni oven shipment is due to land in Australia. all being well, sometime towards the second half of June. 

The Pizza Oven Store will be doing Pre-Orders on Ooni ovens and we expect the Ooni Frya to be contained within this shipment.  Exciting.  

How Do I Get Onto The Pre-Order List For Ooni Fyra

If you want to be one of the first get your hands on the Ooni Fyra in Australia, then signup to the pop-up on this page.  We'll email you with updates to the Ooni Fyra and also you'll be on the list for the first Pre-Orders.

In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding the Ooni Fyra, please just reach out to us on the phone, email or online chat.  We'd love to speak with you.

For now, we will just have to wait, but we do know that The Pizza Oven Store will be selling the Ooni Fyra in both Starter Bundle and also the very popular 'Protect & Serve' Bundle that comes with cover and thermometer.



You can signup Here

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