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A COVID 19 Update: From The CEO & Founder

A COVID 19 Update: From The CEO & Founder

Dear Pizza Lover.

Businesses across Australia are working with the Government to ensure we curb the spread of COVID-19 in a safe manner.

The Pizza Oven Store is continually minoring the situation and adapting as required to ensure our staff and customers are safe.

Are We Still Operating?

Yes. The Pizza Oven Store is a small business operated out of an office and warehouse in Brookvale on the Northern Beaches of Sydney in New South Wales.  We also have a Third Party Fulfilment operated a warehouse in Tullamarine, Melbourne which allows us to fulfil stock from both Sydney and Melbourne as fast as possible to you, our valued customers, wherever you may be in Australia.

Our warehouse, Logistics (courier and freight network) have not been identified for closure under the government advice, we are therefore carrying on business as usual. 

We are here as always, taking telephone calls, answering emails and online chats about pizza ovens and equipment.  Your orders remain being fulfilled daily and sent as fast as possible with our amazing courier and freight network. 

Will My Order Be Affected?

Our warehouses are running as normal. However, our premium courier network that we use are advising that some service impacts have resulted in some delays. 

Before Easter, we were finding that orders were being delivered on time and in some cases actually faster to more regional areas. In the days after Easter, we have found that the freight network, on a very small number of orders, is encountering approximately one business day delay.      

What Extra Health & Safety Precautions Are We Taking?

The health and well-being of The Pizza Oven Store staff and you, our valued customer, is our number one priority. You can rest assured we are taking no risks when it comes to safety. 

Our operations continue as usual however we have put in place several small changes:

1) Our incoming stock Stock to our warehouse from suppliers has been slowed to minimise the spread of the virus through surfaces (handling from depots and couriers). Our current practice is not to handle any stock or returns for 3 days after being received.  Will this affect your order? It shouldn't as we are ensuring our low stock levels are ordered at an earlier point so that the additional 3-day inbound process has no effect on orders with items that may have gone out of stock.
warehouse staff in protective clothing for coronavirus
2) We are taking full health and safety measures for our staff and are insisting that gloves and masks are worn at all times. Hand sanitizer is being used before, during and after order fulfilment.

Are Couriers Still Operating?

will the couriers cease to operate from covid 19

Currently, all of our couriers are still operating, however they are advising that there could be some delays in some situations.  
You can read more about the issues affecting Startrack here and Australia post here.

Continue To Support Local Businesses

There are financial implications due to the COVID-19 situation and Australian small businesses, which makes up more than 93% of all businesses, will be hit the hardest.

We ask that our fellow Australians remain calm and continue to support small businesses just like The Pizza Oven Store. We greatly appreciate this during these times.

What We Recommend...

It is easy to only look to the future and become anxious at what may be to come.  It is crucial that we all remain calm, responsible and to not panic.  Listen to what the authorities are saying and use common sense.  We will get through this pandemic if we all work together. 

making pizza dough at home fermentation times
There is always a silver lining to such events. Be present in the now, spend the time wisely with your household and loved ones. And try not to kill each other!  If you're not together in person, then video calling allows you to gain an almost similar experience. 

steaks on cast iron sizzler ooni
As a passionate pizza maker and 'wannabe' chef, I will be spending as much time as I can making pizza at home with my family. 

I personally will be experimenting with different types of doughs, fermentation processes (geeky I know), bread and other food varieties, such as wood fire oven cooked meats and veggies. 

family pizza gathering

I highly recommend you also try to use this time to maybe skill up or start that project you've been meaning to since two new years ago!

Stay Safe

Thanks for visiting our store and giving us the opportunity to serve you. From all of us at The Pizza Oven Store, we hope you stay safe.

If you would like to speak to us about pizza, pizza ovens or tools please just give us a call on 1300 760 753.  We're here and looking forward to your contact.


Chris Mayo | CEO & Founder
The Pizza Oven Store
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