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Square Head Pizza Peels

Square-headed pizza peels are also referred to as launching peels or pizza paddle.

The job of a square-head launching peel is to launch the pizza into the pizza oven.

The square head is larger than the round head pizza peel and your pizza.  The pizza should fit easily on the peel. 

Square-headed pizza peels can come either in perforated or non-perforated options.  The perforations assist with flour reduction and weight.  You want to have a very light dusting of flour on the launching pizza peel so that the pizzas don't stick.  Too much flour will result in flour going into the oven and burning.  Burnt flour can get on the bottom of the pizzas and leave an undesirable sour taste to the pizza.  The perforations help reduce flour on the peel.  It's also a preference as to whether you want perforations or not.  Some Pizzaiolo prefer with, some prefer without.

The length of the square-head turning peel should be long enough to reach the back of the oven and have at least 30cm out the front of the oven for holding the peel.