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Round Head Turning Pizza Peels

Round-headed pizza peels are also referred to as pizza spinners, pizza rotators, round head peels and turning peels. 

The job of a round-head turning peel is to 1) turn the pizza once inside the pizza oven and 2) remove the pizza from the oven.  The round head is smaller than the square head pizza and your pizza and makes manoeuvring the tool and pizza inside the oven easier than a square head peel.  Hence the term 'pizza spinner' or 'pizza rotator'.

Round-headed pizza rotators or spinners can come either in perforated or non-perforated options.  The perforations assist with flour reduction and weight.

The length of the round-head turning peel should be long enough to reach the back of the oven and have at least 30cm out the front of the oven for holding the peel.