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Benzer Cast Iron 27cm Sizzler with Wooden Tray

by Benzer
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Benzer Cast Iron Sizzler Sizzle Plate 27cm with Wooden Tray

Having a wood-fired oven means more than just cooking pizzas.  With a cast iron sizzler you open a whole world of food and ingredients to cooking with your wood-fired pizza oven.  You won't get a juicier piece of steak or meat than using a sizzle plate

Cast Iron Sizzler Features & Benefits

  • Retains heat so your food will stay hot long after taking out from the heat source.
  • Suitable for cooking on all types of cooking surfaces - wood fire, induction, ceramic, electric, gas & campfire
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Hot and sizzling direct to the table
  • Great for steaks, strip steak, meats, chicken, seafood, fish, vegetables - Ummm think of that juicy asparagus or mushroom and garlic sizzle plate!

Sizzle Plate Care

Ensure that before cooking, you apply vegetable oil to the cooking surface of your pan and pre-heat slowly.  Once the utensil is properly pre-heated, you are ready to cook.

Once you have completed cooking, ensure that you clean your pan with a nylon brush or sponge with hot soapy water.

Detergents that are harsh and abrasives should never be used. (Avoid putting a hot pan into cold water. Thermal shock can occur causing the metal to warp or crack).  Towel dry immediately and apply a light coating of oil to the pan while it is still warm.  Use a Damp Cloth to Clean Wooden Tray ONLY.  Store in a cool, dry place.  NEVER wash in a dishwasher.

Included With The Cast Iron Sizzler

In the box with the sizzle plate you get:
  • Cast Iron Sizzler / Sizzle Plate - 27cm total length
  • Removable Cast Iron Handle (avoid burning your hands)
  • Wooden Tray

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