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Gi.Metal Pizza Cutter Knife

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GI Metal Pizza Cutter Knife is famous all over the world for invented, patented and manufactured pizza accessories

GI Metal Pizza Cutter Knife is a product stem from over 30 years of expertise in the field of pizza accessories; always experimenting and exploring possible new solutions to better cooking. It is made from a  thorough and consistent research into cutting-edge, last generation, new materials and relevant investments in the optimization of production processes, to continuously enhance the quality of products, and to reach the level of excellence Gi.Metal is so proud of. Gi.Metal has developed nine different products ranges, each with specific features.


Specs & Features

The special professional pizza cutter knife is designed to make the pizza cutting easier and smoother, especially for pan pizza. Excellent also on the tray, pizza box, cutting board.  Thanks to the  5.5'' blade in tempered stainless steel, that can be sharpened, the ergonomic handle, with its unique shape, can only reach the edge of the pan with a single movement. Blade size: 5.5''.

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