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Authentic Maximus Red Wood Fire Pizza Oven

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Original price $2,300.00
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Introducing the Incredible Maximus Oven - A Red Wonder!

We are absolutely thrilled to present the mighty Maximus Oven in a striking red finish! This remarkable wood-fired oven combines stunning aesthetics with lightning-fast heat-up times, taking just a mere 25 minutes to reach that perfect cooking temperature. Weighing in at a mere 60kg, it's incredibly portable and fits snugly in the back of most cars, making it your ideal companion for camping trips, beach outings, picnics, or simply enhancing your backyard gatherings. Plus, it's versatile enough to replace your kitchen's conventional oven.

What's Included:

  • Beautiful Portuguese ceramic baking dish, perfect for roasting chicken, veggies, casseroles, desserts, bread, and more!
  • Ideal for food trucks, trailers, tailgating, events, fairs, parties, and more.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Customer Review by M. Wilke: Enthusiastic 5-star customer service! Penny is dedicated to providing exceptional service to all her customers, no matter what it takes! Kudos from a highly satisfied buyer. Highly recommended!!!

Handmade Excellence from Portugal:

This modern wood-fired pizza oven is meticulously crafted in Portugal. Its outer wall features durable aluminum construction, while the inner wall boasts stainless steel with double-wall insulation containing a high-temperature special ceramic blanket. Stainless steel's resistance to salt and sea corrosion ensures longevity. The oven's floor is composed of refractory floor tiles, and the decorative facade bricks are crafted from refractory cement (Lafarge). The interior structure is forged from iron, allowing the oven to stay hot for hours while remaining cool on the outside.

Rapid Heat-Up Time and Impressive Productivity:

This modern pizza oven boasts an astonishing 20-minute heat-up time, allowing you to start cooking pizzas in mere minutes. It's incredibly efficient, capable of cooking up to 30 pizzas per hour with each pizza ready in under 3 minutes. Fuel consumption is minimal, using only 2-3 kg of wood per hour depending on moisture levels.

Package Includes:

  • Removable Stainless Steel Chimney with Flue and Cap
  • Ceramic Portuguese Baking Dish (25.5cm x 37cm x 8cm)
  • Aluminum Pizza Peel
  • Thermometer (0-500°C)
  • Ashes/Wood Holder
  • Extra Floor Tile


  • OUTSIDE: 70cm W x 98cm H x 70cm D
  • INSIDE: 60cm W x 60cm D
  • DOOR: 39cm W x 23cm H
  • Cooking Height: 23cm from floor to upper false ceiling
  • Without Chimney: 65cm
  • Chimney Width: 12.7cm
  • Overall Product Weight: 60kg

Important Maintenance Note:

All of our ovens require "all-weather" protection from rain, sleet, and snow, as well as fallen leaves and harsh elements when not in use. If you don't have a cover, we offer them for purchase on our accessories page. These beautiful ovens are built to last, provided they are cared for properly.

Modifications for Food Trucks and Trailers:

If you plan to use this oven for a food truck or trailer, it must be modified to handle suspension. Your vehicle must have satisfactory suspension, and the face of the oven must be secured with added bolts from the dome into the face. We provide an instructional video for this post-purchase modification. Please note that the warranty is voided if not properly modified.

Dimensions & Weight

OUTSIDE: 70cm W x 98cm H x 70cm D
INSIDE: 60cm W x 60cm D
DOOR: 39cm W x 23cm H
Cooking Height: 23cm from floor to upper false ceiling
Without Chimney: 65cm
Chimney Width: 12.7cm
Overall Product Weight: 60kg

  • Removable Stainless Steel Chimney with Flue and Cap: Ensures efficient ventilation and smoke control.
  • Ceramic Portuguese Baking Dish (25.5cm x 37cm x 8cm): Versatile for roasting, baking, and more.
  • Aluminum Pizza Peel: Safely transfers pizzas in and out of the oven.
  • Thermometer (0-500°C): Monitors cooking temperature accurately.
  • Ashes/Wood Holder: Helps manage ashes and wood.
  • Extra Floor Tile: A spare for longevity and maintenance.

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Food Truck Ready

Food Truck Ready

Easily modifiable for food truck use.

Ready to Cook in 20 Minutes

Ready to Cook in 20 Minutes

Quick heat-up time for fast cooking

Authentic European Ovens

Made in Portugal.

High Cooking Capacity

High Cooking Capacity

Cook up to 30 pizzas per hour.

High-Quality Construction

High-Quality Construction

Double-walled for extreme heat outside, but cool inside

Easy to Install

If using in a food truck or trailer, ensure proper suspension and add dome-to-face bolts for safe installation.

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