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Authentic Pizza Oven Stand with Wheels for Maximus Pizza Oven

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This stand is the perfect companion for your Authentic Maximus Wood Fire Pizza Oven. Crafted from sturdy black steel, it features a set of convenient extendable shelves made with slatted wood, ideal for keeping your cooking essentials close at hand. Plus, there's a handy front drawer for added storage versatility.

Designed with mobility in mind, this stand is equipped with two wheels on the side, allowing you to effortlessly move your setup to your preferred cooking spot. The left two legs remain stationary, ensuring stability during your culinary adventures.

What's more, this stand is lightweight and compact enough to fit snugly in the back of your car, making it a fantastic choice for outdoor cooking enthusiasts on the move!

NOTE: This stand is exclusively designed to pair with the Authentic Maximus Wood Fire Pizza Oven, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless functionality.


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Made in Portugal

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