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Zanolli Ercolina Manual dough divider rounder - 22 portions

by Zanolli
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$15,400.00 - $15,400.00
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The Ercolina Plus range supports you in the sensitive dough-portioning phase; shorten portioning times and be certain of obtaining perfectly rounded and identical balls of dough with a single machine. The Ercolina is designed to be the best in its class. The pressing plate and the cutting blades are made entirely of stainless steel. In this manual version, all the working phases (PRESSING, CUTTING, FORMING) are completely controlled by the user through the use of levers. The Ercolina Plus Manual 22 is distinguished by 22 divisions within a dough weight range between 60 - 220g and a load capacity of 1.3 - 4.8kg. Its capable of 2600 dough ball production p/hr.

TechnicalĀ Specifications

  • Power: 400V, 1.1kW
  • External Dimensions: 610 x 680 x 2050mm
  • Dough Weight: 1.3 - 4.8kg
  • Divisions: 22 x (60 - 220g)
  • Production Rate: 2600/hr
  • Weight: 175kg


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