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Zanolli Galassia PANE 67 litre, 2 speed bakery spiral mixer - 40kg finished / 25kg dry flour

by Zanolli
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The Galassia Pane professional range of bread dough mixers are designed to be durable and strong. The perfect balance between the strokes of the hook and rotations of the bowl per minute produces well oxygenated dough ready to be baked into top quality loaves. The models available have capacities ranging from 40 to 120 kg of dough, using simple mechanics to ensure maximum reliability and two-speed motors for the option of using the machine according to individual needs. The functions of the control panel allow you to control the crucial kneading phase to achieve the desired result. The Galassia Pane has two independent motors on the spiral shaft and the bowl shaft to allow for a higher number of revolutions per minute and for separate control of their respective speeds. The opposing rotations of the spiral and the bowl mix the dough allowing oxygenation and the proper formation of the gluten mesh. Features a standard SITEC timer which automatically switches between speeds and two corresponding speeds on the spiral tool. There is also a jog function which assists in dough extraction. The Galassia PN 40 is distinguished by its 40kg finished kneading dough capacity.

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