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Zanolli Synthesis 12/100G 40 Inch Gas Impingment Conveyor Oven 1SV4503C

by Zanolli
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$40,260.00 - $41,470.00
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Zanolli Synthesis 40 Inch Gas Impingment Conveyor Oven 1SV4503B

With the Zanolli Synthesis, you can serve the ordinary and the extraordinary! Since 1952 the company Zanolli has been producing world renown conveyor ovens boasting the most reliable and technologically advanced cooking impingement system. In 1987 Zanolli patented the first Italian ventilated impingement conveyor oven ever produced. Since then, they have become a household name in the international market producing conveyor ovens relied and appreciated upon around throughout the world. Today, the Synthesis is the European leader for sales and product range of conveyor ovens. All Synthesis conveyor ovens are stackable in order to multiply their productivity and differentiate the cooking whilst optimizing the space in the room. The working temperature can be reached in 20 minutes via BRP (power regulation) system ensuring jets of hot air completely wrap the product as it moves along the wire mesh conveyer giving an evenly cooked result time after time. Whilst a perfect pizza is a guarantee, the Synthesis will cook products such as ribs, skewers, proteins, pastries, lasagnes, bakes and just about anything else with perfection and consistency. The Synthesis is simple and intuitive and allows you to monitor cooking while you dedicate yourself to other things. It is built entirely in stainless steel from the highest quality materials and offers the best-in-class insulation properties so it is always cool to touch and heat remains inside the oven. Operators enjoy the quiet and highly effective silencing of conveyer and ventilation systems making it the quietest conveyor available. The 12/100G is gas powered and is distinguished by its 40-inch belt.


  • Constructed entirely from stainless steel.
  • Double glazed full width inspection door.
  • Easy access for thorough cleaning.
  • Cooling system for external parts that can be touched.
  • Omnidirectional wheels with brakes (when stand purchased)
  • Conveyor belt with variable speed down to a complete halt.
  • Fine tuning of the ventilation flow as jets of hot air completely wrap the product as it moves along the wire mesh conveyer giving an evenly cooked result time after time
  • All Synthesis ovens are stackable so you can step up your productivity to meet peak demand
  • Temperature can be reached in 20 minutes via BRP (power regulation) system.
  • Management of 10 cooking programs: for each program you can set the cooking time, temperature
  • Economy function keeps the oven at a lower temperature if it doesn’t need to be operated at full working temperature.
  • Temperature (balanced temperature detection from 2 probes)
  • Timer for programmed start, digital clock and self diagnostics
  • Maximum silence of the mesh conveyor system and ventilation motor system
  • The maximum temperature is 320°Cis more than sufficient to get perfect results thanks to the efficiencies of the ventilation system.


  • Voltage - 240 Volts depending
  • Watts - 450kW
  • Weight - 450
  • Plug Supplied - Yes
  • Plug Type - 10A plug
  • Gas Consumption - 166MJ/hr
  • Working Temperature - 320°C (max)
  • Warranty - 4 Year Parts and 2 Year Labour Warranty.
  • Conveyor Dimensions - 2330x1010mm
  • Conveyor Speed - 2:20-30 min or complete halt
  • Conveyor Width - 40"
  • Power Source - Gas


  • External Width - 2450
  • External Height - 720
  • External Depth - 1980
  • Internal Width - 1300
  • Internal Height - 100
  • Internal Depth - 1000


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