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everdure kiln rotating gas pizza oven on the pizza station outdoor table

Everdure Steps into the Spotlight with the KILN R Series Pizza Oven - Here’s Why We’re Thrilled!

Everdure, a brand synonymous with innovation and quality, is entering the dynamic pizza oven market with the introduction of their KILN R Series Gas Pizza Oven, and we at The Pizza Oven Store couldn’t be more excited!

A brand, that also has produced products in partnership with Heston Blumenthal in a separate popular range, are now entering the exciting pizza oven space and from what we've seen of the Kiln so far they've nailed it.

A Modern Twist to Traditional Pizza Making

Everdure’s KILN R Series Gas Pizza Oven, priced at a competitive $999.00 AUD, brings a modern touch to the honoured tradition of pizza making. Designed for an authentic and seamless cooking experience, this LPG pizza oven empowers you to craft large, delectable pizzas in under 2 minutes, right from the comfort of your home!  

The Biggest Features That Have Us Buzzing

  • Rotating Turntable & U-Shaped Burner: Forget manual turning! These features ensure your pizza achieves perfection by cooking evenly every time.  
  • Effortless Experience: From setup to cooking, cleaning, and storing – this pizza oven promises user convenience at every step.
  • Fast Cooking Time: Whip up mouthwatering pizzas in under 2 minutes and keep the pizza parties rolling!
  • Multifunctional Capabilities: It’s not just for pizzas! Explore a variety of dishes with the versatile KILN R Series.
  • Outdoor Entertainment Essential: Elevate your outdoor space and dining experience with this sublime addition.

Technical Highlights & Inclusions

  • Dimensions: 660mm(W) x 741mm(D) x 380mm(H)
  • Weight: 29Kg
  • Fuel Type: LPG
  • Gas Power: 2kW/31,400BTU 2-burner output / 27.05Mj (AU)
  • Heat Up Time: 15 Minutes (400C), 20 Minutes (500C)
  • Included: 16 Inch Rotating Round Pizza Stone, Front Pizza Stone, Power Adaptor, Instruction Manual, Quick User Guide, and a 2 Year Warranty.
  • Note: 5 x AA batteries are required (not included).

Why The Excitement?

The Everdure KILN R Series Gas Pizza Oven is where tradition marries innovation. With its ease, speed, and versatility, every meal transforms into a celebration! Upgrade your outdoor entertaining and embark on an unmatched culinary adventure with Everdure.

Availability & Delivery

Accepting pre-orders now, with stock expected on 29th September, and we offer same-day delivery to Sydney and Melbourne, and speedy fast delivery times across the whole of Australia.

Secure Yours & Dive Into the Pizza Game!

Given the enthusiasm surrounding Everdure’s entry into the pizza oven game, we anticipate a warm reception and high demand. Secure your KILN R Series Gas Pizza Oven today and join us in the excitement!

Don't miss out on the chance to elevate your pizza-making game – and remember, at The Pizza Oven Store, tradition meets innovation, and we’re here to deliver an extraordinary culinary experience right to your doorstep!

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