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Pizza Oven Of The Month: October 2017 - Stadler Made Outdoor Oven | The Pizza Oven Store

Pizza Oven Of The Month: October 2017 - Stadler Made Outdoor Oven

With an abundance of exciting wood fire pizza ovens coming entering the market this Spring our pick of a single pizza oven for October 2017 hasn't been easy.  The Pizza Oven Store is excited to announce the Stadler Made Outdoor Oven.


The Stadler Made Outdoor Oven comes to Australia

The brainchild of Pieter Stadler, a young, enthusiastic pizza loving inventor from Rotterdam, Netherlands is like nothing else. 

Stadler Made Outdoor Oven comes to australia


The unique design and aesthetics are something to behold.  The Pizza Oven Store is tireless in its effort to finding new exciting products from around the globe to bring to Australia.  Quite simply, the Stadler Made oven really is a treat.  


The Outdoor Oven Looks Like Art

The oven looks like a stove oven from the eighteenth century but with a modern twist.  Unlike its two-hundred-year-old ancestor, the oven comes flat pack and is made out of a unique metal called Corten Steel.  

stadler made outdoor pizza oven with peel

This metal is often used in sculptures by artists as a layer of rust builds up over several years to protect the metal without compromising the structural stability of the metal.  Corten steel is also able to withstand very high temperatures which makes it ideal as a wood-fired pizza oven.  Where the oven separates itself from the competition is that it has an authentic look, something which would look great in a rustic environment


Going Stadler Made & The Benefits

The Outdoor oven is a masterpiece of design that comes completely flat packed.  Constructing the Stadler Made pizza oven is a breeze and a truly satisfying experience, you almost feel like an inventor yourself when you stand back and admire your completed Outdoor Oven. 

relaxing by stadler made pizza oven with a beer

When you've finished building your oven, you can get straight into building a fire and cooking pizza, bread or roasting some vegetables with no firing process required.  The size of the oven is modest and can cook one pizza at a time, which is all you need.  Unlike some other ovens which are gigantic, modern creatures, the Stadler made will happily make a centrepiece for sitting around and cooking with.  In the colder months, you can use it to keep you all warm too. 


Cost & Availability

The oven is delivered to your door in 2-5 business days, anywhere in Australia for just $997.  The Stadler Made range is brought exclusively to Australia by The Pizza Oven Store.

pizza peel with pizza from stadler made oven

The Outdoor Oven can be purchased with or without the accessories, but it is highly recommended complimenting the oven with the pizza peel and knife which share the high-quality craftsmanship of the oven.

pizza made on outdoor oven by pieter stadler

Get something unique today and get in contact with the friendly, expert team at The Pizza Oven Store on 1300 760 753 or email on


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