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  • buy gas appliances from aussie sellers not overseas
    June 26, 2023

    The Dark Side Of Buying Gas Pizza Ovens From Overseas

    Thinking of buying an Ooni gas oven from overseas sellers? Hold on!

    Before you make that purchase, there are critical factors you need to know. In our eye-opening blog article, we uncover the truth behind gas appliance certifications in Australia, the risks associated with uncertified products, incompatibility issues, hidden import costs, and the importance of dealing with authentic Australian entities. Don't let uncertainty overshadow your decision-making process. 

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  • August 14, 2016

    Choosing a Pizza Oven that Best suits you

    Looking around at pizza ovens can be overwhelming with a vast variety of configurations, fuel types and costs - the question is how do you possibly know where to start.  Your circumstances and budget will normally determine what option will...

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