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Should I clean Ooni pizza stone?

Should I clean Ooni pizza stone?

Wondering if you need to clean your Ooni's pizza stone?  Whilst making pizzas from time to time it's inevitable that you may spill some toppings or tear the base of the pizza.  As a result you end up with a mess of burning toppings that leave a black burned mess on the stone.

So what do you do to clean the Ooni stone?  Firstly don't panic.  Once the pizza is out of the oven, clear away significant bits of burn toppings or pizza with a turning peel.  Then using the steel scraper part of Ooni's brush scrape away as much as you can of the burnt toppings. 

Then with the wire section, brush as much of the black burnt ash out of the oven.  Leave the Ooni oven on for five to ten minutes to dry out and burn off any of the remaining burnt topping from the stone.  As soon as the residue has burnt away you can start putting pizzas back in the oven again. 

Avoid putting any moisture on the stone.  Definitely don't wash the stone in the sink with water.  Due to the stone being porous it will absorb a great deal of water which could take weeks to months to dry out.  Even then you still risk cracking the stone the next time your fire up your Ooni pizza oven.

After you've finished your cook and when the Ooni oven has completely cooled down, you can flip the stone baking board over.  You'll be greeted with a lovely clean surface to use the next time.  And each time you cook you'll find that the underside self cleans ready for next time.

As for the black and brown stains left on the stone?  Relax, these are your battle wounds that add seasoning and character to your oven.  You will never have a perfectly new stone again but that shouldn't matter.  The delicious pizzas that come flying out the oven is all that matters, right?

If for the unfortunate reason your stone cracks, we have spares of each baking stones in stock.

We also stock Ooni's brush and scraper tool which works wonders for topping cleanups!


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