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Engagement Gift Ideas

Engagement Gift Ideas


Struggling to Think of Great Engagement Gift Ideas?

If you're looking for a great engagement gift idea for your new fiance, whether they're a foodie, home cook or chef, we have a great selection of gifts that are original and perfect for them.  A wood fire pizza oven or pizza oven accessory from The Pizza Oven Store would be an original gift and is an original way of showing your fiance how much you love them.  Not to mention the benefit you'll get from all the delicious pizzas they'll make for you!

Original Engagement Gift Ideas

A wood fire pizza oven would make a great engagement gift and is a very original engagement present.  Before now, you had to spend thousands for a wood-fired pizza oven.  The introduction of the Uuni 3 wood fire pizza oven costing less than $400 has changed that. It's the best value pizza oven available and would make a perfect engagement gift.  Want to give the ultimate gift, the Jamie Oliver Dome 80 is a spectacular gift for your engagement. 

Pizza Oven Tools & Pizza Oven Accessories

Struggling for engagement present ideas for your fiance who already has a wood fire pizza oven, then maybe a new pizza oven tool, toolset or pizza oven accessory would be the perfect gift for them. The Pizza Oven Store has only the finest Italian made pizza oven tools from both Alfa Pizza and Regina. We have pizza peels both perforated or solid blade, ember rakes, pizza rotators, pizza spinners, gift kits, pizza tool sets, infrared thermometers, covers and sizzler pans.
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