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Polito Giotto Stand Options

The Polito Pizza Oven is awesome.  It's by far our favourite ready made refractory cement pizza oven for the home.  It's stylish, enough to win on The Block, and it cooks a bloody good pizza too.  Choosing which option of stand you need is straight forward and we've broken it down below to help you choose which option of stand you require.

Which Stand?

No Stand Option

The no stand option is perfect if you want to put the oven onto a non-combustible benchtop.  It is recommended that the oven is placed with a 20-30mm air gap (metal wedges or similar - we can provide these upon request).  If you have a Ceasarstone or other man-made quartz aggregate benchtop the Polito Giotto with bench stand is perfect for you. The bench stand adds sufficient height away from your bench to avoid damage.

polito giotto pizza oven with wood fire in copper

Most benchtop heights in kitchens/outdoor kitchens generally are around 900mm.  Placing the pizza oven at this height is not really ideal as the cooking floor height is low.  A low cooking floor height will require a bit more bending down to look inside the oven. 

A comfortable cooking floor oven height for a pizza oven that provides good ergonomics is 1050-1100mm.  The Giotto has 75mm beneath the oven cooking floor, so a good option, if you are building an outdoor kitchen, is to raise your bench in the in pizza oven area to 1000-1050mm.

Bench Stand Option

The bench stand option for the Giotto solves the cooking floor height and issues with surfaces such as Caesarstone and both allow you to put your oven on a Ceasarstone benchtop and also adds 150mm height to the underside of the pizza oven. 

polito giotto pizza oven in champagne with a wood fire

The Benchstand is colour matched to the oven and looks fantastic.  The stand is riveted to the oven and non-removable.

Hex Stand Option

If you would like ultimate flexibility, the Hex Stand option is perfect.  It is beautifully designed and made from high quality powder coated steel. The is ample shelving below to stack wood or for general storage.

hexa stand polito pizza oven in copper with wood fire

The stand comes disassembled and for any competent DIY'er is easy to put together.

Add wheels to the Hex stand option for added portability.

Request Assistance

If you would like assistance on this please just fill out the form below or call us on 1300 760 753 - we would love to talk to you and help.

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