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Biscotto Pizza Baking Stone

by Effeuno
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Tired of making homemade pizza that's just not quite as good as the stuff you get at your favourite restaurant? Well, have you considered trying Biscotto stone? This awesome pizza stone is made from volcanic ash and clay, and it can help you make the perfect pizza every time. The best part? You'll get a crispy, evenly-cooked crust that'll make you feel like a real pizza pro.

One of the main advantages of Biscotto stone is its excellent heat retention properties. This means that it can absorb and hold heat for a long time, creating a consistent and even cooking temperature throughout your pizza. It also has great moisture absorption properties, which can help create a crispy crust on your pizza by drawing moisture away from the dough.

Biscotto stone is also incredibly durable, capable of withstanding high temperatures without cracking or breaking with proper handling.

Cleaning and maintaining your Biscotto stone is easy, too. Simply scrape off any food debris with a spatula, then either push it towards the flame or brush it off once cool, and you're done.

Whether you're baking at home or in a professional oven, this stone will totally up your pizza game. Its combination of heat retention, moisture absorption, and durability make it a must-have for any serious home pizza chef. 


The Biscotto Stone is a natural stone that comes in a size of approximately 39.5 x 34 x 3cm H, although slight variations in size may occur due to the natural material. 


Stone in Effeuno Pizza Ovens

This stone is included as a standard feature with the Effeuno P134H and P134HA electric pizza ovens, and is fully compatible with these models. 

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