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Gi.Metal Pizza Peel 'Almost' By The Meter AM-3080

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Gi.Metal pizza peel which is almost by the meter, the AM-3080. This aluminium pizza peel can make 80cm pizzas.

For a truly perfect pizza bake each time, use the GI Metal AM-3080 Azzurra 30cm x 80cm anodized aluminium rectangular pizza peel with 120cm handle! This pizza peel is made entirely from aluminium for a lightweight design that's incredibly durable, too. It's designed to be used frequently in high heat pizza ovens. The lightweight 120cm handle keeps hands away from the hot oven but is reinforced with 3 rivets where it meets the head to ensure stability. Plus, it is ideal for baking pizza by the meter or Roman Pinsa.

Each peel has a neutral anodizing coat on its head to protect its surface from oxidation and adds extra sanitation. The head is reinforced to withstand the most intense heat and frequent use that comes in a busy pizza shop.

Its flexibility and lightness allow for a scraper effect, making it easy to remove pizza dough from countertops. The ergonomic aluminium handle is lightweight and strong, and the oval shape helps keep the peel stable in your hands. The long rectangular head offers a large surface area to easily support pizzas as they're being moved and has milling around the sides and front making it easy to slide under a pizza from the side or the front.

With over 30 years of experience, GI Metal designs and produces top of the line professional and high-performance Italian-made pizza equipment. Their products are intended to function as a natural extension of any pizza maker's arm, offering durable, stable, and beautiful solutions to keep pizzeria's busy and pizzas cooking.

Technical Details:


  • Head Size: 80cm X 30cm
  • Handle Length: 120cm 
  • Overall Length: 208cm 
  • Weight: 1.59kg 

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