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Gi.Metal Traditional Copper & Brass Neapolitan Oil Can OL05

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The Gi.Metal Traditional Copper & Brass Neopolitan Oil Can dispense cooking oil in style at your pizza joint, cafe, restaurant, club, hotel or just at home. 

This GI Metal OL05 \copper / brass craft oil cruet features an authentic copper design with eye-catching brass accents. A defined handle makes for precise pouring while an angled tip makes it easy to direct oil to the proper location.

The Gi.Metal oil can add an old-world look to your modern establishment. It's great for display cooking applications where you're cooking right in front of your customers or even better impress your friends when you have them over for pizza!

Available in 3 sizes...

  • OL05 - 0.45L / 210 grams (this one)
  • OL10 - 1.1L / 340 grams 
  • OL15 - 1.4L / 380 grams

If you're looking for an oil can that's more modern or contemporary in style check out the OL10IX for style.

PLEASE NOTE: These oil cans are individually hand-made.. so no two are the same! The lids of the oil cans are deliberately misshapen to allow for an air vent and the smooth flow of olive oil. A truly unique product for your pizzeria. 


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